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Minecraft City Building Guide - Roads, Sidewalks, and Bridges

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PeterPez avatar PeterPez
Level 14 : Journeyman Architect

Roads are always an essential to any minecraft city. Roads can be made out of almost any material, but the best materials in my opinion are blocks of coal, cyan or black stained clay, stone bricks, and stone. If you are making a medieval style city map you should use stone for the roads, whether it be cobblestone or stone bricks.


Sidewalks are extremely simple, you just have to use stone slabs on both sides of the street, sidewalks make a big difference if you are building a modern style city and want to make it realistic.


Bridges vary widely in style and size, if you are building a bridge you need details like supports and railings to make the bridge look good and realistic. The material used for a bridge can vary but I recommend you use stone.

*These building ideas are just my opinions, please don't rage in the comments*

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