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Minecraft Comes to Life Part 2

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avatar LolYo
Level 20 : Expert Dolphin
Minecraft In RealLife Part 2 Story By: Lolyo

Before Reading this
story if haven’t read part 1 go read that one before this one or
this might be confusing thank you.

Layla Peeked at the
sky and noticed it was becoming dark. She thought “I should find
shelter who knows the dangers that wonder around here.” So she
found a small cave with nice furniture. Then, she realized this
couldn’t of just appeared here. She figured out she wasn’t alone
in this world. When the owner of the cave came home he saw Layla
sitting on the floor by the fire. He said “Hello.” Layla told him
her story, how she found a portal and traveled through a swirl of
rainbow colors. Then, he told her his story. He told her he was
fishing one day and something popped out of the ocean. It looked like
human but was a box shape. It told him another world needs his help
to defeat something awful that came into their world called
Herobrine. Ever since then he was preparing for battle crafting
armor, weapons, shields, and lots more. Layla said “Wow you are
going to try to defeat a boss?” He replied “Yes I have to”. He
got 3 wool and 3 wood out of his chest and crafted he a bed. He
asked what color do you want you bed”? She answered “pink “ so
he crafted her a pink bed. He put it by the fire and gave her a iron
sword and chain armor for the next day. He told her about the
monsters that roam around here and they fell asleep.

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