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I love Minecraft, I play this game a lot, and It’s been many years since I played this fun game. All the updates that have been and are still being added to the game excite me because I love the blocky styles of different mobs and the new mechanics updates bring. However, I feel that Minecraft has missed one of the most important aspects of the game, and that is the player’s character.

When I was brainstorming for this contest I thought of additional content ideas that have been overlooked by the developers of Minecraft, such as: more mobs, challenges and etcetera. However, I felt some of those ideas were too common in the fan community, and additional content is something that most people would suggest.

Personally, I wanted to approach something that many have not talked about, and that is the creation of Minecraft characters.

There has been updates for Minecraft skinning and a lot of people have created amazing skins. Unfortunately, it still feels so limited. Why feel so limited when creating skins? Minecraft is supposed to be a game of unlimited creativity!

I decided to bring you guys my idea of creating more intricate Minecraft characters!

My main inspiration for this project came from Captain Sparkles’ animation models and Minecraft Story Mode character styles; I’ve always wanted a similar style in Vanilla Minecraft. I also took inspiration from Novaskin’s resourcepack and skin editor, and the Minecraft Console Edition exclusive skins.

I hope you guys enjoy my idea and if you wish to make this mod, please contact me and we can talk about it!

Let’s begin!

The objective

The objective of this project is to make this idea a reality, from any of the developers of Minecraft or a Modder that is willing to create something similar or give some inspiration for Modders out there!

*note: I will refer to this idea as ‘The Character Update’*

The Character Update will let player create more intricate character skins, by completely changing the way skinning is done in Minecraft! Say Bye-Bye to the png skin file, and welcome the 3D in-game skin editor.

  • In game skin manager and editor
  • Shareable links/codes so you can download your favorite skins and/or
  • An option to sell your creations in the Minecraft Marketplace
  • And many other features! (that I will explain later)

*note: All the pictures shown below are modifications of Minecraft screenshots/textures/etc. I do not own any of the contents of the picture unless it is pointed out. These pictures only represent concepts*

Main Screen:

Like in Minecraft: Pocket edition, you will see a preview of your character’s skin. The hanger Icon will let you edit your skins. If you click on the hanger Icon, it will bring you to the skin editor screen. The arrows next to the hanger, will let you rotate your character, so you can preview your skin.

PC edition:

Character’s Window:

The character’s window will show you a list of all the characters you have created. From here you can see a display of different things such as:

1.- Your character’s name, or model name.

2.- A checkmark that represents your main skin. If you click the button “Set Main skin”, your Main skin will appear at the top of the list with a checkmark.

3.- A Character description box, that shows when your character was created, and the type of skin/model it is, as well as three more buttons that I will explain below.

4.- “Show Skin Code” will generate a preset code that you can share with your friends or community. It will also have a button that will let you publish your character to the Minecraft Marketplace.

5.- “Edit skin” will let you edit your Character (explained more in number 7).

6.- A preview or your characters

7.- The “Create New Skin” button will bring you to the in-game Character Editor (explained below)

8.- A Search bar that will look up your characters by name, date or skin type

9.- A Shirt Icon, where you can input the skin code, which will prompt in a download screen (will require internet connection)

Character's list (numbered)

Character's list (Clean)

Character Editor:

The Character Editor will work a lot like creative Minecraft, except it will have your tools in the toolbar instead of blocks/items.

Model editor:

Before you start editing your Character, you will be prompted to select a model from the following list:

Skeleton: starts from layer 0, explained below

Steve: Classic Minecraft character Model

Alex: Classic Minecraft character Model

After you select the type of model you want to work with, another window will pop up asking if you’ll like a 8x8 model (Classic) or a 16x16 model (Detailed).

Once done that, you will spawn inside a box with the model you chose. The model will look like a statue and be completely light gray.

List of layers:

Layer 0 – Skeleton layer: This is where you start editing your model, you cannot delete the blocks on this layer.

Layer 1 – Hitbox layer: This is the regular size of the classic skin. This is where the character’s hitbox will be. The hitbox cannot be changed.

Layer 2 – First hat layer: This is the regular hat layer from the classic skin.

Layer 3 – Second hat layer: This is an added extra hat layer, to create more details.

Note that the layers doubles if you select the Detailed Model (16x16)

1- Skeleton layer or Layer 0
2- Hitbox layer or Layer 1

Layer comparison

Attatchers are the skeletal part of the Model; the one that causes the model to move the hands, head and legs. These cannot be changed. These can be seen as green crosses (were each body part is attached).

Attachers visible on Layer 0

Model Editor tools

Block: You can place these just like regular Minecraft blocks

Half block: These are similar to slabs in Minecraft, except that they can be place in any orientation. However, they cannot be put in a way that they overlay.

View/Hide hitbox: Will outline layer 1 in a green color, (this can be changed in the Minecraft options)

View/Hide Attatchers: Toggle Attatchers visibility.

Painting Mode

To switch to paint mode, just simply press 'E’ on the keyboard. You can switch back to the Model Editor mode by pressing the same button again.

Paint Mode will let you color your skin. It will have the following tools:

Pencil: will put the chosen color on top of one of the block sides.

Eraser: will erase any color were you click. It will turn the color back to transparent.

Bucket: will fill the foreground color with your selected color

Color selector: will let you choose any color from a color wheel

While editing, your crosshair will automatically outline the invisible block, whenever you are looking at it.


In the Character Editor window, you can also create 16 custom emotes.

The editor will put your character’s head, that you are currently working on, in the middle of the screen. There are tabs of each emote, and if you click on any of them, you are put in a different room for each emote.

Emotes list

When you start your game. If you go into chat mode, you will be able to see the emote icons by the right side of the screen. You can click them to show an Emote!

1.- Preset Emotes

2.- Custom Emotes

Emote Tabs

The Character editor will have the same mechanics as in creative Minecraft, except that you will be inside a box, and you’ll have tools to do the job, instead of a toolbar that you can customize with blocks. The Character editor will be easier to use that way, since it has almost the same mechanics as regular Minecraft!

If the detailed skins become a problem (Lag problems, CPU intensive, etc.), there will be always an option to disable any type of skins in your settings or server settings.

The Character Update will also be really popular between the Roleplay community!

I hope you guys enjoyed my idea! Anyways, Good luck to all the contest participants!
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