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Minecraft Dungeons Wiki Project (Contributors Wanted!!)

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AwesomeNinja886 avatar AwesomeNinja886
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Hello, I am AwesomeNinja886. You know how the Minecraft Wiki works? Are you excited for the new game, Minecraft: Dungeons, that Mojang promised us back at MINECON Earth 2018? Well, I have created a project on the Wiki that concerns Minecraft: Dungeons related content, keeping it separate from information concerning the base game. I chose to make a project on the main Wiki instead of on Fandom or another site (like the Story Mode wiki) because Minecraft: Dungeons is made by Mojang, and not TellTale or another company. I also realize that you could say the same thing about the new Minecraft Earth, but I didn't make one because I just didn't feel like making one. The main page for my project can be found here (yes, I know I forgot to put a space in the page name, making it Minecraft:Dungeons Wiki Project, this is just a mistake that I realized too late I actually moved the page a while ago due to a small debate with User Nixinova because the official name of the game no longer contains the colon).

  If you want to contribute (only if you have an account on Gamepedia using Twitch), edit the page and sign your name under the last name on the list (four '~'). I would appreciate it if you didn't put your signature in the "Existing Pages" category (I haven't had this problem yet, I just know that someone will do it if I don't say not to).

  I know that there is not much released information on the new game yet. That is why the only pages I have (as of writing) are the main page and gameplay (I at least have definitive information on the gameplay). I published this here in case anyone would be interested (and Minecraft Forum is shutting down and I want to be able to update the article later).

  So far, I have two credible sources about the game: The trailer by Mojang (and the whole reveal at MINECON) and a discreet interview with a Mojang employee. I have compiled any definitive evidence I know of into the articles and I hope on expanding the project, especially after the game's release.

  Thanks for reading!

UPDATE (ON MAY 29, 2019) - Just got my first contributor! Thanks a lot, Nixinova!

UPDATE 2 (ON MAY 30, 2019) - I created a special Userbox exclusively for those who contribute to the project. PM me for I will give you the code via a comment on your profile. In case you don't know, Userboxes go on your custom User Page (minecraft.gamepedia.com/User:[USERNAME]&profile=no).

UPDATE 3 (ON JUNE 1, 2019) - I got another contributor, Angrydog001! They have created a Chinese translation for the project!

UPDATE 4 (ON JUNE 11, 2019) - I have gotten two new contributors now (DianLing223 & Magiczocker), but holy cow! There is so much new information that came from the Gameplay Reveal last Sunday! I am busy creating new pages and editing existing ones, so more contributors are welcome!

UPDATE 5 (LITERALLY MINUTES AFTER THE LAST ONE) - User "Skylord wars" just contributed! Now I have 5 other people (i.e. excluding myself) working on this project! Thanks a lot!

UPDATE 6 (ON JUNE 28, 2019) - Users "Bonbonplays16" and "RubenVerg :)" just contributed!

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05/27/2019 9:07 amhistory
Level 24 : Expert Ninja
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The main page looks different than the picture (I actually updated the picture for the post) because I have edited part of the introduction to clarify that there were still official sources (despite not having very many) made several edits now and moved the page. Hopefully I get some more contributors to the project... and some more news about the game. Well, I wanted more info on the game... be careful what you wish for! Now I have to create many pages on the project! If you want to contribute, now is the time!
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