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minecraft emerald seed

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spaghettinyan avatar spaghettinyan
Level 38 : Artisan Narwhal
i randomly generated a new world and this is what i found, so many emeralds!!!

the seed is 92177923032698776
the double ravine in which the emeralds are found is located at x:186 y:64 z:212
the SIX emeralds' coordinates are as follows
emerald 1: x:156 y:29 z:197
emerald 2: x:152 y:16 z:193
emerald 3: x:221 y:16 z:217
emerald 4: x:186 y:28 z:206
emerald 5: x:198 y:31 z:206
emerald 6: x:196 y:24 z:240
hope you enjoy! BYE!

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