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Minecraft Expedition Mode [Minedeas]

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smanrt avatar smanrt
Level 52 : Grandmaster Batman

Hello! I decided to enter Minedeas soo ¦. Here Is My Idea! I will also give you some decent visuals to look at to understand.

Minecraft Expedition Mode:

Have you ever gotten bored of creative and survival, and hardcore is just too hard. Well wait no more I have an idea for a new gamemode! Expedition Mode!

What is In This New Gamemode:

In minecraft Expedition mode, the whole thing is minecraft with a hint of RPG. There are a few features and a whole new style of play. When you spawn you see this.


The Missions Box, It tells you what the missions are for that day. By completing each mission you get a certain amount of XP.

Look At This:


When you spawn in the first time on Expedition Mode you get a compass to find your spawn/bed, a pickaxe for mining, a sword for fighting, a map for seeing where you are, and food to live.

Look At This¦

No hunger or health bar. This is too make it harder for you to surviveo ¦Muwhahahahaha

New Features:

This idea also adds new features to the game, these are the ones that are in the idea.

Expedition Ship:


I was thinking, when you play expedition mode there needs to be new features that draws peoples attention. No more boring little boat, lets get out the expedition ship. It is very basic and can hole 4 people, the wind is what moves you, so it is a true adventure. To dock it right click the bottom of the sail (the fence part).

How to Craft It:

The Expedition Ship has to be crafted; there are two different parts you craft, the base and the sail.

Base Crafting Recipe: Base Crafting Recipe:

                          oCrWgif                                                                          dgVjbpng

When you craft these items place the base first then the sail on any side.


*How Placed Base Looks


*How Placed Sail Looks

Giant Squid:

*Basic Idea

The giant squid would attack you during your expedition. It will not be killed but can be damaged and it will flee. The way to damage it is to shoot its eyes or climb its moving tentacles to hit its eyes.

Special Easter Egg Feature: go inside its mouth and you can find special chest full of diamonds and iron, also other ship stuff there if you fallow the water path through its giant body. Its mouth is under its body.

How It Would Be added To The Game:

If you have not guessed already, you would have to make it so you can choose it as a new world feature.


How This Would Effect The Game:

I know for a fact that some gamers love RPG style game play, and with this new gameode feature, it could bring a whole new wave of gamers to the minecraft community. Now, dono t get me wrong this does not stray away from the original minecraft feel but, like I said it is a o hinto of RPG.

*More Could Be Added



1 Update Logs

New Squid Design : by smanrt 12/13/2012 5:19:32 pmDec 13th, 2012

Added a new squid design made by me to help the modders with the design of the giant squid...if it is ever modded. Also I had to change it heh look at me making excuses.

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04/13/2013 12:14 pm
Level 46 : Master Blockhead
Danthec00lman avatar
Amazingly Amazing :D
02/09/2013 12:17 pm
Level 31 : Artisan Dragon
awesomedude1226 avatar
I like it!
01/12/2013 11:27 am
Level 18 : Journeyman Dragon
ineenhut avatar
This is sooo boring! this is not more minecraft!
Minecraft is not Getting rewards...
Minecraft is Survive!
NOt getting rewards for the GODD>.
06/03/2014 8:37 pm
Level 28 : Expert Unicorn
ImJustAPineapple avatar
It's just an extra gamemode, if people like RPG-style gaming.
01/12/2013 1:32 pm
Level 52 : Grandmaster Batman
smanrt avatar
well, its an idea for a mod, and you are entitle to your opinion :)
01/07/2013 8:42 am
Level 28 : Expert Geek
advisortw2 avatar
I'm worried about the no hunger bar and no health bar because some people might get a bit annoyed that they can't see their health.
01/07/2013 8:59 pm
Level 52 : Grandmaster Batman
smanrt avatar
well all i have to say, is this is supposed to be harder, and so like real life i made it so you can't see your health bar, but if a modder makes this i think you should start to get slower or something to indicate.
01/01/2013 1:41 pm
Level 21 : Expert Toast
Hist avatar
Perfect Idea, I was discussing on another minedea (Theres was races and stuff, rpg mmo stuff :P) that it wouldn't be good for mc it would be better than a gamemode, he told me "what about us people who don't like mc without it" I told him that again because mc is so flexible we didn't need this in the game unless it was a mod/plugin or more importantly a gamemode! I think it is a great idea that way we could choose what we had rather than permanent changes!
12/31/2012 6:37 pm
Level 27 : Expert Narwhal
The Diamond Creeper
The Diamond Creeper avatar
I personally think that this would make Minecraft a bit too complicated.
I like the simplistic feel it has right now, and I personally think that it would go away if this was added. (Not all the stuff, only the giant squid and real game changing things like that)
12/24/2012 11:59 am
Level 1 : New Explorer
wisswiss avatar
hi im trying to make a plugin for my erver based on this, i could ue some help, ny cance you could gimme a hand?
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