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avatar Thrint
Level 43 : Master Dragon
Hey guys it's me Thrint! Today I'm uploading my first main blog. Now most people know about Butter. If you don't know what Butter is in Minecraft then search it up. But that's not what we're talking about today. I think people should stop making fake names for the ores in Minecraft. What's the point of those ores then if they're all called something they're not. I've seen many names for different ores like for gold of course is butter. It just annoys me when I see people use those names and take them seriously. Now I recently made a "Butter Minecraft" texture pack themed towards butter. I made that for the fans of butter and I didn't know I would get over 1,000 downloads in 1 day. Thank you all who downloaded it. I'm just writing this blog for all you guys to know to stop calling those ores something different than it actually is. Thank you for reading this and I just wanted to get this out. Happy Minecrafting!!!

Fake Names for Ores
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