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Minecraft for Xbox! Review

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avatar goobersfussfuss
Level 30 : Artisan Artist
Note: I'm fixing my old blogs. XD Sorry this is old

Hey Guys! Great news,

Minecraft is coming onto xbox!
It seems to be like 1.7.5 but of course they're
going to add more updates to the game!

I've gotten a chance to play it!
The graphics are great and brilliant.
It's more difficult to build, on my
perspective,but more fun to play with your friends.

This game can bring friends and family together.
I gotten a chance to bond more with my family by playing this game with them.
we built tiki huts, camp sites, an old ruin, and houses for my friends to stay in.

We made our first cake together, which was pretty fun.
One thing I hope they will add is the option to upload your
skins from the internet.Unrealistic, yes but it will be amazing to
see this accomplished rather than installing mods.

Which brings me to another option I want added.
"Mods" that you can buy from the xbox store.I doubt this
would become a actual thing but if it did then kudos to mojang. haha

I hope you guys get a chance to check out this fun new adaptation of minecraft.
If you don't feel like minecraft is a good choice for xbox games but want something similar to it, here are some other options:

-Castle Miner
-Castle Miner Z (Zombie edition)
-Total Miner Forge
-Fortress Craft

And many more!
Thanks again for reading this article!
Make sure to check the new game out!

-Goobersfussfuss ^_^

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04/05/2015 3:27 pm
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>.> This seems to short. .-.?
04/11/2015 4:04 pm
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Fixed it. Hope it's okay now.
Sorry for the late responce.
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