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Minecraft: Goat Rock Blues

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ChaotiCatt avatar ChaotiCatt
Level 10 : Journeyman System

Minecraft: Goat Rock Blues
Based on Chaotic Creations
By ChaotiCatt, Python77, and Cosmo

ChaotiCatt Entry 1: Discord
   I'm not much of a diary writer, but I gotta keep track of things somehow. Well today I happened to wake up in an odd place, I'm not sure who I am anymore, I feel... different not just physically, but on a fundamental level, somethings wrong, I can feel it. Well anyways, I wake up with a sword some bread and, a Box? Something isn't right about the box, oh well, there was a panel on the box, I remembered a code somehow, punched it in, and I receive a "Void Core" and then. Nothing, I blank out again, all the sudden I feel better, more energetic, but still wrong. Why did I open the box, I feel unnatural, oh god, what is happening? Wait! I must survive, I'm going to build a house, bed down, maybe I'll feel better?

ChaotiCatt Entry 2: Others
  I see a building, maybe I am not alone? I must investig̶͚̊ā̴̜t̷̬̊e̵̳̐-e-e- ERR: VC.SYS(REALITY DISRUPTED, VOID CORE ENGAGED) {DIRECTIONS: SURVIVE}

Python Entry 1: Awakening
  I woke up today, falling, into a snake shaped river near a jungle, I must of hit my head on something because I blacked out and can't remember much after that, well I got to work, explored the river, left the jungle I was in, built a house, noticed some stuff happening in the distance, thought I saw another person, but It might just be brain damage. After that I suddenly started to feel like crap, headache, blurred vision and a voice, saying P-Y-T-H-O-1, but what does it mean? All the sudden the sickness stopped, but the memory remained, I brushed it off, but then I had the urge to enter the code into the box, I did it. Entered the code. Reality seemed to tear at the seams, and then the glaive appeared, I remember that this piece was called Serpent's Wrath, it had a tip of poison, and snakes seemed to be drawn to it, one even crawled on it and wrapped around it! Maybe it was a relic from a past life. Well after that I began to build a home, I was tired, it has been a weird day. It was time, to sleep.

Python Entry 2: Almost Had a Heart Attack
  So I forgot to mention I was almost erased from reality by the box, exploded after a delay and phased out the entire jungle and I almost died LOL.
A cat who had a tag that named him Bean Burrito also appeared and he followed me so yea :P. Burrito also chased along when the box exploded so I think he understands. I began to explore away from the cursed jungle, eventually happening upon a bumpy plains bordering a snowy taiga, well I went and built oak cabin and went to sleep for the night.

ChaotiCatt Entry 3: F**K
  I have fur, what the hell, also paws? I look like a dang cat what the heck! I need to get shampoo soon or else I am going to smell terrible. Also it is going to cost a ton.

ChaotiCatt Entry 3.5: Fight
  Today some stuff went down, I went to investigate the structure but found no one, I stuck around for a bit and then, I got kicked into a wall. The void Core must have activated because I felt like I wasn't controlling myself after that, I drew out an Iron Sword that I found, and started slashing, I was faster, stronger, and more agile, but the poison of the enemies' blade took a toll, it resulted in truce, neither of us won or lost, just a draw. Today was crazy, I'm tired.

Python Entry 3:
  Today was crazy, at first it was normal. I went to test my glaive on a pig, I instinctively slashed and the pig withered away, after repeating this a few more times, all the sudden, reality seemed to tear like when I activated the box, I had a headache, blurry vision, but once again, it went away. Well I went home, I found an intruder, well of course I went to kill the encroaching person, he looked like a cat, and moved faster and hit harder than what was feasible for his size, but the poison took a toll, he managed to survive, heavily wounding me, but not winning, we decided to call it a truce. Today was weird.

Bean Burrito Entry Mau:
  Mau Mew Ma Mweaw Mreeeaaww Mau! Yea i'm a cat DEAL WITH IT! YEA, YA THOUGHT A CAT COULDN'T WRITE A DIARY ENTRY WELL *$$%# YOU STOP BEING SPECIESIST! Sorry i get a little worked up sometimes anyways i was going around see’n the sites MINDING MY OWN BEESWAX and GOT TELEPORTED to some other dang reality with this human who had some spear thing in their hands I seriously that I was gonna FRIGGIN DIE until i realized that this dude is as confused as I am and then some weird a*** cube starts phasing in and out of reality and I was like DIS HUMAN HAS SOME SERIOUS HECKS MAN IT WAS CRAZY and he started running from the LAND PHASING IN AND OUT OF EXISTENCE so obviously i do the logical thing which is R U N anyways human builds a house for me and starts living in MY HOUSE without payi’n rent, oh wait it problly wasnt made for me WAIT I DON'T HAVE TO PAY RENT! Sweet deal! Anyways this was crazy day, Bean burrito signi’n off!

ChaotiCatt Entry 4: Siege
  I am now writing a journal in a closet, it is the middle of the night, earlier today I looted a handgun from a supply pad I happened across when I went mining, but today a few minutes ago, the undead seemed to siege my base, zombies, skeletons, also creepers. The undead armies have never been so coordinated, what the hell could be going on? Well anyways, now I am up on a mountain, carving into it with my pick, I am going to build a fortress, make sure this does not happen again. My base has been blown up, I am low on ammo. ChaotiCatt out.

Python Entry 4: Mountain Fortress
  Last night I heard explosions, lots of them, and I thought I heard gunshots? Maybe there was a battle, maybe it has something to do with that cat fellow I saw yesterday in my home. Well today I woke up to see a skeleton of a fortress on the mountain which was not there before, I might raid it for supplies, unless the other guy happens to be there, never again. Besides, we have a truce, and I don't know if either of us could survive another encounter. Well I am going to send a snake to investigate the fortress, I will write later depending on how the expedition goes. But first I'm going to go to the house in the distance that the intruder likely came from, I need to ask his motives.

ChaotiCatt Entry 5: Python
  Something is happening to me, ever since I picked up the Void Core things have gotten strange, I don't feel right..... Strange happenings aside, today was good, I learned how to control the Core, I zoomed my vision on my old house and spotted the other human (As I have started calling him), I also completed more of my fort, Outlining it with sturdy stone bricks and oak Supports, oak is a hard wood, good for supports and for spoon carving, which I find peace in. Today the other human also showed up at my fortress, he questioned me but I asked why he was really here. He said he wasn't really here for anything, but we made amends. Now we have formed an uneasy alliance, I told the human about myself, we shared stories, the castle is almost complete. Today has been good so far.

Python Entry 5: Allies
  Today was a pretty good day, I formed an alliance with the cat-like creature known as ChaotiCatt and we shared some stories, I learned of the Void Core, a device that gives ChaotiCatt his power, I shared about my first experience in the jungle, we made a fire pit in the castle and we shared some stories, we had some chicken, and I slept in a guest room, I suppose things might be less lonely now. Something seems off with ChaotiCatt though, maybe its the Void Core distorting the world, but still, something seems off. Tomorrow ChaotiCatt expects to finish the castle, maybe we will mine for diamonds, advance further, maybe go try to find some dogs, maybe tomorrow.

Alliance Entry 1: Mining
  This is our first alliance entry, written by Python, we decided to call ourselves the G.O.A.Ted Empire, today we went mining, after a bit of caving we happened upon a ravine with an exposed abandoned mine shaft, we found a pool of lava with 2 exposed diamond chunks and we also find a bunch of iron ore in the mine, it was a successful trip and we smelted some ore, stored our diamonds and made a few blast furnaces. We decided to turn in early and now I am here writing this in bed. Today was a good day.

Alliance Entry 2: Odin
  Second entry today, written by me ChaotiCatt. We were awoken by a loud howl, we went to investigate and almost got charged by a wolf wearing armor and a crown, luckily we dodged to the side in time, but we landed in a patch of berry bushes, slowing us down. We got up and the wolf killed nearby animals drawing what we can only guess are his servants, I activated the Void Core and Python called a bunch of snakes but we got backed into a corner. Luckily the Void Core detected a fatal threat and froze the wolves long enough for us to escape and for the snakes to kill off a good chunk of the wolves. We retreated and crashed in Python's home, where we are now going back to sleep, I'm tired. Goodnight.

ChaotiCatt Entry 6: Mining and Crafting
    Today me and Python decided to split for a bit, I went to the mines, I found some good stuff, 5 Diamonds, plenty of Iron, good trip, I looted a dungeon, got a name tag, horse armor, and even an Enchanted Golden Apple! I eventually decided to call It a day and head home, where I smelted ore, got a Diamond Sword for myself, and took apart the handgun I found. I took the parts, forged a new barrel and a revolver cylinder, and tinkered together a red dot and laser sight from electronic bits of the handgun. I threw together the parts and boom! New weapon for me, I don't know how I figured this out, maybe I was someone smart before winding up here, maybe a tinkerer? I- well... I don't remember much of my past life, If I had one.... I still feel, unnatural. Like I should not be here. It has been a looong looong day, maybe I'll hit the sack.

Cosmo Entry 1: Where am I?

  “Aww my head what the heck happened here?” I woke up in a random place and felt the sharp chill of the mountain breeze. “How did I?- where?-” I was so confused I was just suddenly on some planet. “How did I even get here? This place does not look familiar, *checks Tertromiter*The data is corrupted… looks like I am at...

✡̴̪̜̿̓︎̷̢̤̱͊⚐̵̧̘̆́︎̸̺͓̠̆�̸̏̕ͅ�̸͈̾︎̴̞̰́͑͆ ̵͈̿�̷̧̼̭̇̂�̴̥̒̈́̾︎̵̳̻̤̓̈́͑✌̴̻̐ͅ︎̷̗̎☠̶̪̜̫̓︎̷̤̎̾�̵͔̹̈́͝�̵̱͔̉͜︎̷͉͍̀̀̃ͅ❄̶̞̪̔̎͠︎̴̲̩̫͗ ̴̣̫͖̿̃̕�̵͇̜̪̑̓́�̵̨̩͘︎̷͈̩̈̀͜͠☜̶̱͎͝︎̵̢̮̂ ̵͖̗̔☟̸̖͚͊︎̵̺͌☜̴̛̻̣̣̽͝︎̴̜͇̐́☼̴̛̦︎̶͉̈͋̅☜̴̮͝︎̶̝̜̿ ̷̖͠☞̶͚͈̍͝︎̸̜̩̇☼̴̼͌︎̸̞͒̽̄✋̷̩̞͗̀́︎̸̡̺̻̓☜̷̨̫͉̏̏︎̵͎͖̂́͠☠̶̱͋︎̵̮̐�̸̖́͜͠�̵̧͍́̎︎̸̲̐͗͊✂̴͖͛̔︎̴͖̥̀”?


̸̜͒̓✋̵̢͉̖̈́︎̴̞͋ ̷͖̺͆̔ͅ☟̶̲͇̬̀̓̑︎̴͚̕✌̸̼͉̄͘︎̸̻͆͂͘ͅͅ❄̶̧̫̰͗̂︎̴̧͍̚͝☜̸̙̑︎̶̰̔̋ ̷͉̅̌❄̷̼̅︎̷̙̠̟̆̍͘☟̴̘͝︎̵̨̺̐̀✋̵̡͓̓̌͜͝︎̵̦̭͙͆�̴͎͙̠̏̇̈�̶̫̈́︎̸͚̘͌

“Whatever” I was frustrated, I needed to do something. I see an odd cube in front of me? “What the heck is th- a̵̲̒︎̷̰̐y̶̘̕︎̸̬͐e̵̢͑︎̶̤̇ú̷͜︎̸̱͛d̷̻͛︎̸̥̕ó̴̝︎̸͕̊a̶̜͊︎̶̣́y̸̨͗︎̵̠̀ǫ̸͝︎̴͎̈́u̷̺̿︎̷̜̿ ̵̇ͅr̸̟̈́︎̶̮̋é̴̩︎̶̜͋â̵̺︎̵̳́d̵͖̋︎̵̜̾h̵̙͐︎̷̓ͅj̶̡̉ ̴̰̿m̴̗͝︎̷̥́e̵̼̽︎̴̨̑k̵͇͌j̶̗̎?̴̙̾︎̶͎͋ ̶̛̖o̸̘͂︎̸̟͊b̴͎́︎̴̧̓j̶̩̓e̵̩͑︎̴̛͎c̵̳̍︎̸̇͜t̸͙̅︎̴͓̕i̵͉̅︎̵̖͐v̶͍̀︎̷̛̤e̸̩͒︎̴̭̽:̴̧̔︎̶̡͗ ̶̰́f̷̼́︎̴͚̃ȋ̷̫︎̷͎̿n̴͉͌︎̴̖̌d̵͔̆︎̵͎͗ ̸̪̊ċ̶̟︎̸̡̋ō̷ͅ︎̶͓̽r̷͓̄︎̷̃ͅe̵̥͗︎̵͇̋ ̷͍̿á̷̮︎̴̫̊n̴̾ͅ︎̸͎̾d̴͔̈́︎̵̦͂ ̴̣̔e̶̙͘︎̵̗̐x̴̻͛︎̴̬̎t̵̳̎︎̷̪͗r̷̞͠︎̵͚͠ä̶͚︎̷̺͊c̵̢̕︎̵̺̈́t̵̯̑︎̷̭̍ ̷͈͝b̶̥͐︎̴̮͐ȃ̵̧︎̷͔̎c̸͒͜︎̷̼̽k̸̘̀ ̶̬̐t̷̢͊︎̵͙͋ő̵̭︎̴̧͗ ̴̜̓b̸̡͘︎̶͉͌ȃ̵̘︎̵̻͗s̴͖͋︎̶̝̅ē̴̦︎̵̖̏ ̶͔͘f̸̮̂︎̸̖̀h̸̲̑︎̴̤̕d̷̮͋︎̷̟͌j̴̤͋s̸̠͝︎̸̨̊à̷͎︎̷̘͊k̴̩͌l̸͇͆︎̴͎̕f̴̨̍︎̸̮̌ḑ̷̚︎̸̱͂h̷̡͝︎̸̢̑s̸͈͝︎̶̜̀j̴̭͋ȧ̵̰︎̷̙̒k̷̬̄l̷͚̋︎̵̱͝a̵̗͂︎̶̫̿s̴̟̈︎̷̪́j̷̱͒d̵͔̚︎̵̮̒f̸͈̋︎̴̪̊h̶͖͆︎̴̻̋j̸̪̀ḳ̵̓ĺ̴̘︎̴̹͠ ̸͉̑Ọ̵̈́︎̷͈̊B̷̦̕︎̷̖̐J̵̬͐︎̸͐͜Ȩ̸͊︎̶̝͂C̸̡̄︎̵̬̓T̸͖́︎̵̬̋I̷̲͂︎̵̟̏V̶̗̒︎̵̲̅E̷͗͜︎̴͖̾ ̷̥͠R̷̝̓︎̶͕̅E̸̜͂︎̸̹̈́V̸͉̂︎̴̲̀I̴̖̅︎̵̼̌E̸̪͗︎̴̨̉V̶̟̚︎̶̥̐E̶̗̿︎̸̔͜D̵͚̈́︎̴͘͜,̷͚͝ ̷͖̏L̸̖͂Ŏ̵̥Ć̶̮A̷̦͛Ț̴̈́Î̶̱N̶̠̓G̸̛͙ ̶̞̚Ṫ̶͎A̴̤͛R̷̗̈́G̷̘̀E̴̻͊Ṱ̸͆

*3 Hours later* (COMMS CLEARED, GET THE OBJECTIVE MOVING AND-) I woke up again in a taiga this time, it’s no longer snowing but still there’s snow on the ground. I see the box again, “What do you need?” I take the cube quickly and gather resources to make shelter. Once inside my cozy house a sudden part or instinct of me takes over, my eyes turned to static, they looked like broken television screens. I enter the code Ȏ̶̖̻̑͑͝B̶͍̻̅̕J̵͖͔͎̀͊Ĕ̴̹̣͙̂̍͋C̵̩̳̝̜̿͐̈́͂̚T̵͉̬͈̀́̈͘I̸͍̠͐̍̀̂͠V̵̳͗̿̋Ë̴̛̟̲̳́̾̚͝ ̸̹̐̀R̷̘̝̈́̐͗̑Ȇ̴̙̑̐̄̂V̵͖͈̠̰̈́Ì̶̞͉̭̰͚̽̒̚V̴̮̈́̕E̶̹͖͙̘̜͊D̵̨̢͓̣̀̉̽̐ into the cube. I snapped out of it, what had just happened? I was so confused my head was spinning in an endless circle, I almost passed out again, I then hear two voices, “So who even are you anyway?”

“Python, the name’s Python, and you?”

“ChaotiCatt, Just call me Catt,”

“Nice to meet you”

“You too. We should sleep and get going in the morning”

“Yeah, you’re right, we wouldn’t wanna get jumped by-” The voices faded, who were they? Python? ChaotiCatt? Whoever they were, I needed to find them. And for some reason I felt this urge to head to “‘☜̶̱̻̹̈͐̄͜͠͝︎̷̟̜̳̞̓͑͐̚⌧̶̢̪͓̼̔͝︎̶̖̻͚̰̖̔̔͝♍̸̞̂̀̾︎̷̧̳̘̣͈͛♏̵̧̯̑͒̆̃̀︎̴̘̝͕͉̤͗́■̵̨͓̔︎̶̡̥̄̂⧫̴̧̣͉͎̗̋̾̇̿͝︎̴̄̚ͅ ̶̨͇̃❄̸̙̥̳̤͔̈́͗̈︎̴̤͈̱͛ͅ□̴̜͇̱̹̺̿̏͝︎̴͎̻̮̱̪͊̌̏̃̀⬥̴̼̲̖͊̀̀͛︎̴͙̃̒́♏̵̺͗͛̚︎̴̼͖̰̭̔́❒̴̥̙̙̯̠̃̆︎̷͍̟̹̥͇̑”. “Guess all I can do is head to bed for tonight, and tomorrow, it’s Python, ChaotiCatt and ☜̶̱̻̹̈͐̄͜͠͝︎̷̟̜̳̞̓͑͐̚⌧̶̢̪͓̼̔͝︎̶̖̻͚̰̖̔̔͝♍̸̞̂̀̾︎̷̧̳̘̣͈͛♏̵̧̯̑͒̆̃̀︎̴̘̝͕͉̤͗́■̵̨͓̔︎̶̡̥̄̂⧫̴̧̣͉͎̗̋̾̇̿͝︎̴̄̚ͅ ̶̨͇̃❄̸̙̥̳̤͔̈́͗̈︎̴̤͈̱͛ͅ□̴̜͇̱̹̺̿̏͝︎̴͎̻̮̱̪͊̌̏̃̀⬥̴̼̲̖͊̀̀͛︎̴͙̃̒́♏̵̺͗͛̚︎̴̼͖̰̭̔́❒̴̥̙̙̯̠̃̆︎̷͍̟̹̥͇̑.

Python Entry 6: Building
  Today Catt went for a mining trip, I agreed to stay home and do work on our base which we affectionately dubbed "Ascension" because of its proximity to the top of the mountain we are stationed on, well i started building some bricks on to Ascension's walls for reinforcement. I also fount a tape recorder labeled "Jax's Log" or whatever, it was completely empty for some reason so that happened. I also figured out how to better control my power, I called some snakes over and they brought me some chicken. Catt got back a couple of hours ago with some revolver parts, he disassembled his handgun and built a hand cannon, it had a red dot sight and laser targeter, he named it the Roar of the Dragon, quite fitting for such a loud gun, im not even sure how he built the thing though, must of had some tinkering experience in his past life or something, im not even sure he had a past life.

Cosmo Entry 2: Urges and Oddities
  At this point all I can refer to, well… THAT place I feel the need to go to as “The Tower'' I don’t know why… I just feel like it’s a tower, anyways, I met a friendly dog today. I gave him a bone to chew on (skeleton bone), and we instantly became friends. I haven’t really decided on a name yet but it’ll come to me. For now it’s just “buddy”. The cube still lingers in my backpack; it'll phase in and out of reality from time to time. It seems to be drawn to something… maybe Python and ChaotiCatt know something? Maybe one of them has a cube or box, whatever their names are. I will call them cube’s as they are too sophisticated to be Boxes. This whole thing has me confused. REAL confused, and I’m usually good with things like this, but not right now. Like first of all, WHY THE HECK ME? I mean I know I’m the king of stars or whatever but this whole thing is weird, like just choose some other Lancentrite. Anyway, I just don’t work well when under pressure, I tend to overthink it. Anyways, the cube will teleport me when it phases occasionally and I’ve almost got really hurt, in fact, I even hit my kneecap. It’s also weird how all I know is the direction of where I need to go, not even where it is on a map, or how far I need to go, however I get a little more satisfied as I walk so I can assume it’s not to far away for now, I set up camp, on a small hill in the open plains, hopefully I find a village tomorrow, for now it’s sleeping time.

Cosmo Entry 3: The Compass

so just another day out venturing I’m getting closer to whatever tower and I feel like I’m being watched, I don’t know, but, HEY WHOEVER YOU ARE SQUARE UP AND STOP BEING CREEPY, I’M KING OF STARS YOU KNOW. Hope that gets rid of em’. Whatever, wait, I think I can see someone, hey who’s-

ChaotiCatt: “C'mon! Go! Go! Go! They’re coming!”

Python: “I got the stuff let’s get going!”

ChaotiCatt: “WITHER SKELETONS?! You’ve gotta be kidding me!”

Python: “I remember the path we took! Follow me!”

ChaotiCatt: *narrowly dodges arrow* “Could this minecart go any slower?!”

Python: “we’re almost there! Brace for impact!”

Both: *Go toppling out of their minecart*

ChaotiCatt: *closes up the mineshaft* “That was a close one. But how did WITHER skeletons get into the overworld?”

Python: “I don’t know but let’s go back to base”

ChaotiCatt: *at base* “Hey, do you ever think there might be someone else here in this place like us? I always have the looming sense that there is and they’re searching for us.

Python: “maybe, who knows really, but all I know is-”’

*3 mins later* (Hello? Yes! Ok now go and retrieve it! Yeah! Cmon we’re one step away, there’s no way they will figure it out, wait what? YOU’RE TRANSMITTING IT THROUGH THE OBJECTIVE? ARE YOU STUPID? TURN IT OFF!) Aww what the heck? Again? This cube thingy- Woah where am I? *stands up* woah, that has to be it, the tower, it’s huge, some sort of communications tower. Wow, how much am I gonna have to climb to find my objective on this tower? To finally be satisfied. Told Chordin to stay on the ground, oh yeah I forgot to mention I named my dog, his name is Chordin (Kor-din). *at the top of the tower* This view... Why is it so familiar..? Standing on one foot at the top of this comms tower… I’ve done this before, on Otra (awtra) Tower. Suddenly a pedestal comes forth and hands me a compass. It seems to point to something, I don’t know what though. I set up camp under the tower memorizing the place I was in, I might need it for later.

Cosmo Entry 3.5: damn
  This voice logger must be damn good if it can hear stuff I heard in my dream or whatever.

Alliance Entry 3: Dont get your tail in a twist
  Today me and python finally got revenge, and discovered something else too. We started off the day by preparing, I learned how to properly control ice blasts, Python drove his glaive into the ground and summoned a whole army of snakes, after a while of preparing, the full moon was out, it was dark, hordes of the undead and some other odd dragon like creatures were gathering in the moonlight, but we did not care, we trekked to the forest, finally we found the beast, I started to slash away at hordes of wolves, Python began to call waves of snakes, it was a flurry of blood snakes and dust, but we were no match, we were backed against a wall, I tried to break free from the jaws of the wolves, but my sword was snatched away, but a new character named "Cosmo" came in, he kicked a wolf that had my sword and I caught it, and then it was slashing time. Python had stabbed his glaive into the ground again, but instead of calling more snakes, he morphed into a lizard like state, he started biting but he had passed out. What was that all about? Anyways, me and the new guy had finally laid the beast low, we introduced ourselves and I slung the dead wolf over my shoulder, he was not as heavy for a wolf his size, Cosmo carried the armor that the wolf had and dragged Python by the hoodie back to base, today was awesome, when we got home the new guy made some hot cocoa and Python woke up, we offered Cosmo the guest room and hit the sack, now I lay here in bed, writing this entry.

Cosmo entry 4: Hot cocoa

(Hey, are you there? Okay, good. How far are they? Good, they must get to the artifact and free it. Are you broadcasting through the target again? SHUT IT OFF)

Cosmo: “(they were very quiet talking through Python, Catt most likely didn’t hear it, they know something, whoever they are. I think they might be pulling the strings behind this whole spiel, but I don’t know if I can trust Catt and Python with this info yet, after all, they might work for them)”

Python: *waking up* “What happened?”

Cosmo: “Well you turned into a giant snake, controlled and summoned a bunch of snakes, and fought a giant wolf god. So Tuesday basically.”

Python: “Oh wait, who are you?”

Cosmo: “Oh, it’s Cosmo, I already chatted with Catt, and we became allies”

ChaotiCatt: “Yeah, yeah, save him the details”

Cosmo: “it’s close to night time, would you like some hot cocoa? I made it”

Python: “Sure why not”

Cosmo: “So you’re probably wondering how I knew who you were, right?”

Python: “yeah”

Cosmo: “well…” *one explanation later*

Python: “well we better find where that compass leads, it might be important”

ChaotiCatt: “yeah, we’ll be heading mining at dawn tomorrow”

Cosmo: “Got it”

All: “Break!”

CreditPython77, Cosmo

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I added in some new journal entries or whatever.

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remember this is a WIP so this isn't all but here is the first few bits of the story.
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