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Minecraft: How To Change The Enchantment Table Language To English (Mac / Pc) -HD


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Level 23 : Expert Dragon
Here is how To make enchantment table in language on pc or mac. there is a video along with this tutorial(video is much better) all credit goes to minituff i'm going to tell you how to do it on a pc with a texture pack lets start
First, Go to the start menu then type in %appdata% then hit enter
Second, open the .minecraft folder
Third, go into the texture packs folder and make sure you have the texture pack installed before atempting this
Fourth this requires winrar,7-zip etc
Fifth open the texturepack folder then scroll until you find the font folder
Sixth, delete the alternate folder
Seventh, copy the default folder then paste it on your desktop your almost done!
Eigth and rename it alternate.png MUST BE SPELLED RIGHT NO CAPS
Ninth carry the folder back into where u took it from
Tenth Get on minecraft and put something in the enchantment table
(if this didnt work for you watch the video!) BUMP

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  • rockstardxr
  • Level 15
  • Journeyman Skinner
  • November 1, 2012, 1:56 pm
it just says random stuff in english not the enchant
When i open mine craft.jar with Archive Utility, i get minecraft.jar.cpgz?
please help!!!
Notes: Im using Mountain Lion 10.8.2

  • mrcakeman
  • Level 23
  • Expert Dragon
  • May 11, 2012, 8:50 am
I suggest watching the video

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