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Minecraft Idea: More Advanced Villagers

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avatar Harsenbergtheminer
Level 23 : Expert Engineer
To improve Minecraft I think that the following ideas would make a great addition to a future update. Villagers that trade among each other and store their items in their chests, and you could trade with a villager to get what is stored in their chest. and maybe villagers that have their own jobs/specialties where they gather materials or items to store in their chest and trade with other villagers( farmer, blacksmith, librarian, shopkeeper, fisherman, etc.). Also I think NPC villages could use guards, like knights, or archers, that attack all hostile mobs except creepers. And also maybe to top off all of this a better currency, like maybe gold nuggets or a new item like coins(crafting recipe below). This would give NPC villages a better reason to exist and it would also make the villages/villagers seem more realistic (which Minecraft really lacks in it's villages as of right now).

Coin Crafting Recipe

X g g g=gold nugget
X g g

The crafting recipe could give you 16 coins per crafting.

Thank You and Thanks for checking out my Minecraft idea!! :p

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12/14/2012 7:04 am
Level 45 : Master Architect
The currency should not be changed and why do you think iron golems aren't suitable as protectors?
12/13/2012 10:44 pm
Level 15 : Journeyman Architect
They need to add bees and bears, add bees to the forest for honey, you would take dammage if you got stung. the bears would just be something cool besides wolves for the forest biome.
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