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Minecraft Ideas: Potions ~ Brewing Up the First Blog

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avatar TwilightWarlord
Level 44 : Master Wolf Whisperer
Hi all,

This is a new blog series im doing where ill be sharing some ideas that i have about things in minecraft; what could be added etc.
This blog series that im doing is greatly inspired by the "Minedeas" competion. But now with no time limit i can freely share my opinions in blog format!

This blog will be about brewing ideas i have. Since brewing is a good and valuable thing to waste time on in minecraft, i thought that there are some things that could be added to make it somehwhat more expansive and fun, each idea will be in a "spoiler" tab to keep these blogs compact and easy to navigate. I hope you enjoy.
Each spoiler will be like this: Name ~ Good Flavor - Bad Flavor
Bad flavor is if there is a bad effect which happens if you get it :3
Please feel free to share your opinions!

P.S. these blogs will update when i get new ideas, stay tuned :D

Golden Water ~ Pineapple
The counter part to this is Golden Water in a Bucket, This would be made with 1 bucket and 1 gold, it would heal 4.5 hearts (40%) or 9 (60%) At the cost of gaining more health you will take longer to drink it, 0.5x speed. Besides this small consequence you have a higher chance of more hearts :D

Ender Potion ~ Passionruit - Durian
This devious potion can work for or against you :O
Its the ender potion, "Witch" has the standard potion recipe but with an ender pearl.
The good side to this is that you have a 75% chance of gaining a perk that stops all damage from teleporting with ender pearls, the down side is that you have a 25% chance of being randomly teleported to a random locatin in a 16X16 area with the blindness effect for 1 minute. May the luck ever be in your favor!

Redstone Potion ~ Raspberry
The potion would be crafting the any other but with a redstone block.

Cactus Potion ~ Pickles :3
Cacti don't have a major use in MC unless your making a good defence, a farm or other....
Anyhow, this potion would give the user resistance to cactus damage and give a Thorns effect, you get hit, they get hurt. Perfect logic.
Straight and simple, normal recipe with a cactus.

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