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Minecraft Info Part 1 - Every Formatting Code Tidbit

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Hello again, Planet Minecraft! This is part 1 of a blog series of every single tidbit of information about our beloved blocky game. This blog's topic: Minecraft formatting codes.

The section sign (which is the §) is the magic character used to format text. In vanilla Minecraft, it only works for formatting books and quills. External programs can be used to insert the character into other locations. Some servers substitute the character (one server I've been on used the ampersand (which is the &)). As to typing the character on a US/UK keyboard: ALT+2+1 or ALT+0+1+6+7. On a Mac US keyboard, it's OPTION+6. For Linux with compose key, it's COMPOSE+S+O. Let's get started.

Color Codes

CodeOfficial NameIn-game NameRGB Value (Foreground)Hex Value (Foreground)
§1Dark Bluedark_blue0,0,1700000AA
§2Dark Greendark_green0,170,000AA00
§3Dark Aquadark_aqua0,170,170
§4Dark Reddark_red170,0,0AA0000
§5Dark Purpledark_purple170,0,170AA00AA
§8Dark Graydark_gray85,85,85555555
§dLight Purplelight_purple255,85,255FF55FF

Formatting Codes

CodeOfficial Name
§kObfuscated (cycling through random characters)

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