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avatar Hegemony
Level 36 : Artisan Architect
This is my Minecraft experience and I hope that those of you that read it can identify with and also have shared in these experiences.

Humble Beginnings

I started Minecraft clueless and excited about this new open-world game where the only limits to the game was my creativity. I started off wandering the mystical world, breaking grass and jumping merrily about – lost in the ambience, and before I knew it, the sun started to set. In a panicked rush I set my eyes on the easiest and softest material – dirt and quickly fashioned a shelter from it, cowering in fear from hisses, groans and slithers. I would tentatively break and replace the roof blocks to check if the sun has once again made its presence, banishing the mobs from this world.

After the screams of the dying mobs ceased I carefully took down the dirt hut and ventured out, taking care to avoid lingering spiders and creepers. Aware of the harsh realities of night, I quickened to gather materials and supplies essential for survival. Cutting down trees and making rudimentary wooden tools to fashion a stone sword to defend myself against these mobs.

The Prehistoric Age- A Hunter/Gatherer Lifestyle

Several days past, and I have now a more permanent shelter high up in the trees, safe from most mobs at night and illuminated with torches. The day is filled with activities from gathering food through fishing and hunting various animal spawns, gathering materials such as woodcutting and mining to expanding the tree house. Life was simple. Life was easy. However, the urge to explore and acquire the toughest material of all – diamonds ate away at us day after day. However, the hunter gatherer lifestyle was just not efficient enough for extended stays in the mines.

The Medieval Age - Adoption of Agriculture

With one touch of the flint, the forest began to burn. Land was cleared quickly and easily for the adoption of large scaled agriculture. Armed with my new iron tools, I quickly ploughed arable land and dug deep irrigation ditches, planting a variety of crops – grains, vegetables and gourds.

I captured animals such as chickens, pigs, sheep and cows and domesticated them, systematically breeding them for food. With a reliable food supply, I locked up my tree hut and set off to the mines, for an extended stay, to quest for the gifts from the deep bowels of the earth.

The Renaissance – Towards Literacy

The mines are dark and fraught with danger. In the deep pits of the earth, time is no longer a concept, there is no transition between night and day and instead the day is filled with perpetual darkness that is only held back by the feeble radiance of torches. Mining systematically, stopping once in awhile to clear a deposit of coal/redstone or vein of iron/gold I dug deeper and deeper in into the earth. I almost died at least three times from clipping into lava but thankfully quick reactions stemmed the pyroclastic flow. And alas finally the joy of finding diamonds.

I now possess the ability to mine anything, with the influx of experience I began enchanting my tools, I began to create books and a dairy of my adventure thus far in this world, and I began to build large monuments requiring thousands of blocks, towers, and palaces of quartz and stuffing chests with valuable stones such as emeralds, lapis, redstone and diamonds.

Industrial Era – The Death of the World

It has been many weeks since I first started building grand monuments, and with my multiple sharp enchanted diamond pickaxes I started systematically tearing apart the landscape and pillaging it for its resources to fuel my construction needs. Shaft mining. Branch mining. Pit mining. Strip mining. All in the name of resources. Long gone is the verdant embrace of the forests I once knew and instead replaced by horrible scarring of the land. The skies polluted by the hundreds of smelters linked to hoppers smelting all varieties of ores and materials. The rivers damned and fish choked with massive towers of automatic sugar-cane, melon and pumpkin farms. The animals that I once loved and cared for and were allowed to roam freely are now crammed into small 5x5 pens and once of age dropped onto a conveyor belt towards a lava blade before the process is repeated once again. I lost part of my humanity and appreciation of the beauty of the world for the sake of automation, large-scale production and resources.

Modern Era – Enlightenment

You invade this pristine world, claiming it your own simply by your presence. You slaughter innocent animals for their hide and flesh. You devastate the landscape and gouge out the earth to build your monuments to vanity. Yet you call me the monster…” – Creeper

It is in this moment that I realize the true meaning of Minecraft. It is a game of creation, not destruction. This is the time that build teams prospered, creating magnificent terrains and beautiful worlds that are the physical manifestation of the beauty of creativity. It is the first (and hopefully many) golden ages of Minecraft. The advancement of architectural techniques and the blossoming of communities such as PlanetMinecraft. It was a time where we truly came together for the purpose of creating content and sharing beautiful things.

I am now working not just by myself but various other talented people on PlanetMinecraft to create together a world and community that we can all enjoy and partake in the creation of - Hegemony. With a combination of coding magic, architectural prowess and stylish skinning we hope to create a world that is immersive, holds value for everyone that plays it. Hegemony was founded with the vision of not only create a safe fun environment with a friendly community but to give our players something to take away in terms of learning.

This is the true meaning of Minecraft and essentially what makes us all Minecrafters. We all love creation, we all love community and we all have an appreciation of what is beautiful be it project builds, pixel art, skin designs, texture packs or blog posts. Minecraft is not just limited to the limits of our creativity now, its boundaries are what we as a community can achieve, on what we can contribute and the joys we gain from not only playing, but also sharing our works and enjoying works shared by others. This little gem of a game is what we all have in common, regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, culture or nationality.

Minecraft is no longer just a game, it is a community – and we are all part of it.

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10/15/2016 6:12 pm
Level 16 : Journeyman Narwhal
I once played the first version of minecraft ever.. (By Select version) the animation was terrible, but look at it now.
08/05/2016 12:55 pm
Level 45 : Master Pixel Puncher
Great! I recognize myself in your story of evolution of a Minecrafter. Really well written, rounded up by perfectly matching pictures.

Your diamond was save in the second I saw the first picture. It really made me laugh as it reflects exactly my very first memories of the game.

Thumbs up and good luck in the contest!
08/05/2016 5:04 pm
Level 36 : Artisan Architect
Thanks :D glad you enjoyed it!
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