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Minecraft Java Edition 1.8+ | How to Make a Stronger Flying Machine

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iPoopLegos's Avatar iPoopLegos
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  Hello. Today I am going to teach you how to upgrade a basic Minecraft flying machine to handle more blocks. I don't know if this has been done before but I just discovered this trick when researching for a faction I'm in to see if I could bring our faction airborne. I worked on this because the biggest issue when dealing with basic flying machines is that, due to the weight of the engine, only six blocks can be added to the flying machine. However, by doing what I figured out, you can improve that to eleven blocks. I only know of this trick working in Java Edition, as unfortunately Minecraft Bedrock Edition physics seem to be totally different, and I have no idea about console editions. This tutorial is useful in both creative and survival, as the resources aren't too expensive for building a plane.

  First off, the items you will need are 2 Pistons, 1 Sticky Piston, 2 Redstone Blocks, 7 Slime Blocks, and 4 of any type of block that doesn't use physics or is too heavy (i.e. sand, red sand, gravel, dragon eggs, obsidian, or bedrock.) You might be able to get physics blocks working if you try hard enough, but it isn't worth the risk. You will then want to build the basic engine as such:   You could fly this craft by itself now, however its only purpose would essentially be a suicide mission, as it is incapable of carrying anything other than itself. That's where I come in. What I discovered when conducting my experiments was that if you were to place whatever you needed to build a fair few blocks in front of the machine, the machine would be using the front piston to push it, meaning that you could utilize 11/13 of a pistons' maximum power rather than 6/13. Perhaps one day somebody (or me) will produce a way to use all of the power of the piston, however for now this is the best we have got to offer. Another good reason to use the basic model is that, while other models may be faster, they are often much heavier, and void of this type of innovation. Here is the blueprint for a basic cockpit that you could place in front of the machine to latch it on.

  That is officially the end of this tutorial, and I hope that it was useful for you. I know that I will likely use it for my faction.

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