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avatar AcreDaFirenze
Level 15 : Journeyman Engineer
If you join a server or maybe play alone, if you want to cut the tree, all of you maybe only need the log not need the Leaves, someone say it useless, how if we make it so very useful?!

1.We make the Leaves Block drop something useful like Leaves
you can craft the leaves into a Armor that can camouflage you to something behind you but has a very low durability and the mob cant see you until you move

or maybe you can replace the bowl with leaves to make mushroom stew so it will look more traditional it will restore hunger with health but a little be less
2.Random Apple
If you destroy the leaves block you will have a Ordinary apple how if we make it drop random apple
-Apple with worm
the image of the apple must have a worm but not too much
if you eat this apple this will restore 1 of you hunger but poison like rotten flesh
drop rate maybe 65%
like the ordinary apple
drop rate 60%
-Green Apple
the newly born apple
only heal for 0,5 Hunger
drop rate 85%
-Good Apple
will restore 2,5 hunger
drop rate 25%
branch can use to make campfire (permanent fire but will gone if rain touch him)
use to make scarecrow for decoration

With this maybe we can make the other people will destroy the Leaves block not just leaving him flying there
problem like this we can see to a newly made server that we can see they just cop the tree log and leaving the leaves flying yes the leave will destroy automatic but sometimes it dont why dont we make the leaves is the most wanted block not a useless block?

Sorry if my English is bad & thank you for reading my Blog
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