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Minecraft Legends Piglin Brute variants - Barely Default

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MushirMickeyJoe avatar MushirMickeyJoe
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New Minecraft Barely Default resource pack update video ~ Piglin Brute variants in spired by the Piglin Chieftains in Minecraft Legends in the Nether Update. OptiFine required. Made with BlockBench.

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🎨 Get Barely Default, only on CurseForge: www.CurseForge.com/Minecraft/texture-packs/Mickey-Joes-Relatively-Improved-Default

📝 Full Barely Default changelog (live): docs.Google.com/document/d/13sWsXam9CJ3-VdzqU4hgcSaN9dHBhdwwqTW8hewuCNg/edit

This video I show off these cool new Piglin Brute variants! The video speaks for itself so while I appreciate you reading the description (weirdo, who does that); you should probably just pay attention to what I'm saying...
But since you're here and writing proper descriptions for my videos is fun and makes me feel like a real big boy YouTuber, I'll tell you more about this video.
I'll also be showing off some freshly baked Nether brick variants, and an update to my biome dependant nylied Nether brick variants.
Nether wart has also been reworked, with 3D models and an animated texture. Barely Default truly has it all!

🔧 Get OptiFine: OptiFine.net/downloads

Check out the Minecraft Legends cinematic trailer: The Piglin Rampage Begins YouTu.be/3NzeJeJsnVg

The intro music is made by my uncle, Mr. T
Listen to it now on SoundCloud 🎶 SoundCloud.com/MisterT-85847941/sets/the-music-of-MJ-Trips

Back this episode is our favourite guy; Jim Dooley, on the drums - JimDooley.net/


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#minecraftLegends #pigstep #netherUpdate
CreditThe Minecraft Legends Team

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