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Minecraft Life RPG mod

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floffypus's Avatar floffypus
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Minecraft Life

Is a mod that turnes minecraft into a RPG game, where you can build a house and have a key to the door that only you and players you give a key to can acces. You can build small or larger towns with walls around with a main gate which only selected players can acces. Each town can set a building to a shop, where special chests will work as a shelf where you can buy items for coins. To get coins you can sell stuff on the main marketplace, which is the main town. Where you can sell ever item in the game and gain coins, gold or diamons.

I this mod it's really important to keep your guard up and build a safe town. Because in this mod you can craft lockpicking gear and other items which can be used to break into your homes and chests. The people that use this gear is bandits. They rund around from farms, houses and towns and raid them for items and gold.

Being a bandit gives you some extra perks. You can run faster, jump higher, see better in the dark and creepers and monsters wont attack you when wearing the bandit cloke.

The bands have a secret underground base which they train in different forms of activitys. In the bandit caps you can train to pick locks, doors, gates and to kill other players.



Each town that are build need a president / king. A person that are given the economical responsibility if giving the citizens coins and gold for the work they do.

When building a town/ house there's a block that vill make every block inside all thos blacks almost unbreakable. and that will set that area on the world map.

Every door that is crafted goes with a key, and you can craft a copy of the key by putting your key in the crafting table along with the crafting recipe so your friends can acces your house at any time.

Of course every town need guards. The guards are chosen by the town king. They will all be given a cloke that represents that town, and the clokes can be designed on a special crafting table so that every town has it's own cloke design. They are also given armor and weapons.

Each town/city get it's own color. So that the players from one town get red names, and players from a different town get's blue names. This way everyone know what town every player is from. And if two towns don't agree on something they could go to war.


Some Items


Reading the rules again this isn't really a singleplayer/ Minecraft Modification but this could be a server mod that every server hosts can provide. Which kinda makes it a Minecraft Modification :P

Main Town

The Main town is premade and have all sorts of stuff. There's different shops where you can buy items like armor, weapons. There's also horses you can buy to get faster around the world and to reach each town quicker. Each town needs a stable for horses, so if a town don't have a stable the horses will be teleported to the main town after the players have disconnected from the server, if the town has a stable it will be saved to spawn there.

All players can start a business, like mining, farming, selling weapons and armor e.c To make this you need to go to the main town. There will be a tall building, There you can get the rights to open a store in your town and costs 500 coins.

Different ways to ear coins:

To earn coins you can kill mobs to keep your town safe. be a guard, or open a store. You can also mine and gather supplyes for your town's stores.

If you die your body will stay on the ground with all your loot in it, so you are a target for other towns and bandits so make sure to not walk around with all your gold and coins.


1 Update Logs

Update #1 : by floffypus 12/13/2012 9:04:20 amDec 13th, 2012

Added more info, like how to get coins and the main town.

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11/24/2014 3:01 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Lucky_Fire's Avatar
I really like this idea ;-) biggrin
12/11/2012 9:44 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Matthewzoom's Avatar
Me and my friends have worked on coding like this before, plus I love playing skyrim. We'll see what we can do!
12/06/2012 12:03 pm
Level 12 : Journeyman Taco
SilentGuns's Avatar
This seems like a great idea!
12/03/2012 3:48 pm
Level 20 : Expert Pirate
Bleyd's Avatar
The lock picking screen is boss, but how do you think it would work? What controls advance the process, how difficult and delicate is it meant to be, what risk is there if you fail?
12/03/2012 4:12 pm
Level 52 : Grandmaster Skinner
floffypus's Avatar
It's supposed to be like lockpicking in skyrim. And there's levels of lockpicking skill. Everyone start in lvl 1, which gives you a 10% chance to pick the lock. and as you level up the chance gets higher and you can craft better lockpicking gear.
12/03/2012 5:54 pm
Level 20 : Expert Pirate
Bleyd's Avatar
Sounds pretty cool.
12/03/2012 3:10 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
KidGoat's Avatar
looks like a cool mod bro :P but its a mod not a blog...
12/03/2012 3:19 pm
Level 52 : Grandmaster Skinner
floffypus's Avatar
Thanks, and this is for the contest. This is just a idea for a mod ;)