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Minecraft Loce Story Part 9.

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Minecraft Love Story Part 9.

Steve and Carol walked through the double doors, knowing that everything will change. Iron Golems leaded Steve and Carol up stairs and winded them through rooms and storages. Finally they stumbled across two double doors, inside was a huge room with a office desk and a tall chair facing the other way. Steve and Carol was pushed inside and the Iron golems left. Leaving Steve and Carol alone in the silent room.

" Please, sit." Steve and Carol sat, knowing who the voice belongs to. " So, Steve, heard that you have killed my brother. He's gone isn't he?" Notch turned his chair around and faced Steve and Carol. " Good job, that was very brave of you. My brother has been a threat to Minecraftia for a very long time. How can I ever repay you?"

" You really don't need to." Steve said. Carol looked down and Steve added. " Actually there could be something you can give us. You can give Carol's family 10 stacks of diamonds, no 50 stacks." Steve smiled at Carol and Carol was in shock. If she gets those diamonds she doesn't need the job in Mincraftia's Central.

" Deal. Where do I send these diamonds?" Notch asked, looking at Carol.

" Sweet apple achors. We're called the Jones family, incase you get lost. Thank you so much."

" No problem, Carol? That is your name, right?" Notch said.

" Yes." Carol replied. " I don't know, but I think we want peace and a house to live in together."

04/03/2013 9:05 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Nice story! Can you make more like it?
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