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Minecraft Love Story Part 1.

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Minecraft Love Story Part 1.

Steve went up to the corn fields, farming and re planting like normal. The sun was about to go down and he knew that the monsters will come out soon. So he quickly grabbed his belongings and dashed to his cozy home. He lit up the torches and sat on the desk. Wiping his forehead for it was a long day. Like every night before he goes to bed he counts all his important belongings incase he didn't lose any. All his diamonds were there, emeralds, iron and so on.
After double checking everything is in place Steve put on his leather, blue Pajamas and went to bed. After a short while he woke up in the middle of the night for we heard a distant scream coming from outside. He quickly grabbed his diamond armor and sword and took a look outside his window. Nothing was there but the howling wind. He was about to turn back towards his bed but then he heard it again! This time the scream was louder and desperate, he could just make out the word " HELP!". Steve ran outside and pushing through the dangerous forest.

Steve looked right and left, and on his left there was a light. The light was far away, but close enough to see it on the night sky. Steve ran like lighting to the light, knowing that dangerous creatures was lurking around. Once he got there all he saw was zombies, creepers and spiders crowding around something he can't see. Then the scream came again, and Steve was sure that it was coming from inside the monster crowd.

Steve slashed his sword towards the monsters, killing all but the blue eyed, blonde girl shivering in the middle of all the chaos. Holding up one torch and a wooden sword for safety. Steve stared at the beautiful girl, who looked around and realized that all the horrible mosters were gone. She then looked up at Steve, her sky blue eyes shining into Steve's. He smiled and gave a hand to help her up. He asked.
" What is your name?"
" Carolina. Just call me Carol." She smiled and took Steve's hand to help her up. Steve felt a tinge coming from her smooth skin. He smiled and said.
" What are you doing here? It's dangerous here, did you not know that?"
" Oh yes I did." Carol replied. " I came here to go to Minecraftia's central city. I'm getting a job there. I think I'm lost."
" Well, you are no where near Minecraftia's Central! Please, stay with me for a while, to get your health and strength back up. Then I will show you the way to the Central."
" Ok. Thank you. What is your name?" Carol said, following Steve to his home.
" My name is Steve, and I am glad to see you."

That was the start of a beautiful friendship.

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