Minecraft Love Story Part 4.

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Minecraft Love story Part 4.

Once Steve and Carol left the village it was Carol's turn to tell Steve her life story. It was on a cold December night, Carol's family were starving and soon they wouldn't be able to pay the rent of their farm. They would have to sell it! Carol left her home to find a job in Minacaftia's Central, this would get her money for her family. Carol is talented at singing, so one day she saw a poster of a singing show down in Mincraftia's Central. If she wins the show Carol wins 500 diamonds for her family! Carol also told Steve that the show down will be taken place next week Tuesday. Today was Sunday!

" We better get going to the Central now if you want to go to that show down! It's a long journey from my farm to there." Steve said, picking up his pace for the sun was about to go down.

" Yes we should," Carol looked at the sun going down and picked up her pace as well. She wouldn't want to get stuck with monsters again. " Steve watch out! Look!" Carol pointed at a large Enderman charging towards them! Those purple, glowing eyes filled with anger.

Steve took out his new, diamond sword and charged at the Enderman as well! Carol ran towards the bushes, hiding from danger. The Enderman slashed his long arms towards Steve, Steve was knocked back and hit the ground with a loud THUD. The Enderman switched his gaze to Carol and charged at her. Carol screamed but before she could dash towards Steve, Carol was taken away by the Enderman deep into the woods. All Steve could hear was the fading scream of Carol.

" I will find you Carol! If it's the last thing I do!" Steve shouted, but he knew Carol can't hear him. He shouted once more. " I LOVE YOU!"

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12/21/2012 8:25 pm
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