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Minecraft Love Story Part 8.

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Minecraft Love Story Part 8.

The angel looked just like Carol, her dress was pure white and her hair looked as smooth as silk. The angel looked down at Steve, Steve was puzzled. There before him was an angel which looked like Steve, but down low was Carol still dying. Notch's twin turned around, he gasped and screamed " NO!". The twin zoomed towards the angel,his hands about to strangle the shocked angel. Steve pounced at the twin, knocking him off before he could get his hands around the angel. Steve, still tied in his chair, was keeping down Notch's twin onto the ground. The twin was squirming, trying to get out for the angel was going inside of Carol's lifeless body. Slowly as the angel goes deeper into Carol's very soul, Carol opened her eyes ad her color began to come back. Her pale skin turned dark peach, Carol began to move around. She sat up and the angel was gone. She looked around and found Steve lying on a pile of dust tied to a chair. She gave him a puzzled look and Steve looked down. Without Carol's love for Steve the Twin was weak and so he died. Steve gave out a sigh, knowing that everything is over.

Carol helped Steve out of the chair and they both went back to the normal world. This time they didn't find them selfs where they both found the portal in the first place. They found them selfs in front of a huge castle which has a giant N on the top. Steve said.

" Carol, I love you. What we just did changed my life, I will never ever let you go out of my life ever again. I thought I would lose you back then, Carol. You're here now, and that's what matters most." Steve leaned in and gave Carol a kiss. Carol muttered back, " I love you too."

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The Minecraft Love Story Part 10. would be the last series of Love story. Sorry.... just running out of ideas :) What kind of story should I write about next?
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