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Minecraft Math. How minecraft got me through Calc II.

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Hey everyone. I haven't posted in a while, due to the fact that I'm at college now, etc, etc, excuses, excuses, typing the same thing twice to get the point across, you thought I was going to do it again right there didn't you.

Anyway.... I wanted to share a little story with you. Gather round.

Last semester, I started Calc I. If you don't know, Calculus starts out with you learning about a ton of things that don't exist, and what happens when you get close to the spot where they don't exist. Then we somehow use things that don't exist to find slope. I don't even remember. Anyway... that is Calc 1.

In Calc II, you learn why you are taking Calculus. To find the area under a freakin' curve. And that is really all. It sounds maybe a little interesting at first, but you get tired of it as fast as you run home when your mother texed you "I need to talk to you now". Which is really fast.

I'm not going to go into more details, but when we started discussing how a curve is just a bunch of tiny rectangles, I didn't understand(of course). However.... I went home and started playing some minecraft. I was putting up pillars of stone bricks next to each-other to get the general idea for a roof curve. Then I realized it: Calculus and minecraft are mixing. And its easier in minecraft.

So this is the fun part. I use these formulas from calculus to find how many blocks I'm using in here, and test it with worldedit. And what do you know. It worked. I'm delighted of course, that this video game that usually destroys productivity got me to understand such an abstract concept. I started looking for other ways that minecraft and calculus mix. And wouldn't you know it, there are a ton of related things out there.

When we started revolving curves around an axis, I use InHaze's "Magic Circles" craft script for world edit. And guess what, It made sense. The other things that I found are very abstract and I cannot really start to get into details, but I will tell you they worked.

So if you want to take anything home from this, remember this: Don't use minecraft to understand things in the real world. I know you are going to say "IT WORKED FOR YOU THOUGH". Yes it did. However, you have to remember: coding is really just math. Computers are really just math, just disguised behind the applications of it. So it is very specific where the boundaries between minecraft and whatever you are trying to understand mix. And this tiny portion of calculus happened to be right there. So don't try it, but this is marked as a story, not as a how-to.

If you want to hear more like this, just tell me. I probably cant even feed any more stories like this because eggs. That is a valid argument, you just don't understand.


Don't be an idiot: don't use minecraft to study.

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