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MineCraft Mod: MineColony

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breezter avatar breezter
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MineColony Developers-
  • lacozzini

  • rscott6666

  • Vlad11

  • Heho

  • eastborn

Full credit to the people above. We thank you for this pretty awesome mod(:

Quick Tip- Place down the builder first when making town because HE will DESTROY all of your work and BUILD over it.

MineColony is a pretty awesome mod. I admit, it's a little overpowered. And if you have TooManyItems or Single Player Commands there's really no point because your miners, farmers, citizens, etc. produce items for you. For example, the miner produces diamonds, gold, etc. Farmers obviously produce crops. And the Deliveryman delivers items. It's a really cool mod, honestly. I have it installed with, TooManyItems, the Aether, and Mo's Creatures so I'm pretty sure it will work with any mod. You do need Modloader for it. If you want to download it here is the link-


The developers are working on the new mob, adventurers. I suggest building a town before spawning anyone because they do complain about not having a home, or if they want bread or something like that. I do have the mod, but I have NOT spawned any mobs yet. My brother, TheFinalTaco, has spawned mobs and regrets that he did before making his town. Simply because they do complain(: Having this mod is pretty useful because like I said, they produce everything for you.

The title picture was taken by: TheFinalTaco

Thanks for reading!

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10/12/2011 7:26 pm
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1.8.1 version?
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