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How to Install Mods to Minecraft (Java Edition)

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Ok the new launcher has come through and everyone should have it now, so i'm gonna re-write this post to update it for this blog (this blog is for windows only, however it is probably the same-ish for mac and linux)

Programs I will be using

Microsoft Windows 10 (use an OS of your choice, this works with XP, Vista, 7,8,10)
Java (latest)
Winrar (7zip and winzip also work)
Google Chrome (any other web browser also works)
Minecraft (java edition, this is not a tutorial for bedrock)
Notepad ++ (my prefered method to edit config files, but not explained in this tutorial)

Installing Forge

Ok so most mods nowadays require Minecraft Forge in order to be used, Forge is a modding API which makes it easier to create mods, and makes it easier for mods to be compatible and work alongside each other.

So first we are going to download Minecraft Forge, to do this go to files.minecraftforge.net/
and it will bring you to this website.

How to Install Mods to Minecraft (Java Edition)

Now select the version you want to download. I know 1.11 is the latest version of Minecraft but I actually want 1.10 for the mod I am installing, so i'm gonna click on 1.10. when you hover owner it you are given the choice of what version you want. In this case I am picking 1.10.2

How to Install Mods to Minecraft (Java Edition)

now you have 2 options, Latest or recommended. Recommended is the version of Forge they recommend you use, and the Latest Version is the latest version of forge for that Minecraft version.

Mods require all different kinds of versions of forge, because of this I always download the latest version, especially when running multiple mods as some may require different versions of forge, this means they are all compatible again

When you download you have 5 options


out of these you either download Installer or Installer-win, none of the others matter to you

I personally prefer the Installer, its a java based installer compatible with all operating systems

click on it and be taken to the download link

be very careful, the download link is an Adfocus link which is a website that gives the creators of forge money each time it is clicked on, however never click on the adverts, they are extremely dodgy adverts that usually contain malicious programs such as adware and in some case malware, Adblock is recommended, however nowadays lots of these revenue generating links do not allow you to proceed if you have Adblock enabled.

I do not have Adblock enabled however Malwarebytes has blocked the advert for me as it has been detected has harmful. Ignore all the adverts and click the skip button in the top right hand corner of the screen.

How to Install Mods to Minecraft (Java Edition)

A new update to google chrome seems to detect all .jar files as harmful, In this case click on “keep” to keep the file

Locate the file in wherever your files download to, in my case it is in my downloads folder

now run the installer. In order to do this you will need Java to be installed, if the file is not opening right click on it, select open with and select Java NOTE, PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE VERSION OF MINECRAFT INSTALLED FOR THE VERSION OF FORGE YOU ARE INSTALLING OR IT WILL NOT WORK, IF YOU ARE UNSURE HOW TO DO THIS PLEASE REFER THIS THIS FORUM POST

you will be greeted with this window, select install client

it is your choice if you want Mercurius installed or not. Mercurius is a “very simple, transparent and open Analytics mod for Minecraft to allow the community to openly gain inside into the versions of Minecraft out there. The mod strictly respects Snooper settings. “

The data collected by the mod:

  • SessionID - Random identifier created with SecureRandom and SHA256 iterated 5 times. Value is reset every time the game restarts.
  • AdID - Random identifier created with SecureRandom and SHA256 iterated 5 times. Value is constant for each Minecraft instance. The value is computed on first run of Minecraft with the mod installed.
  • JavaVersion
  • Allocated Memory and Max memory
  • Minecraft Version
  • MCP Version
  • Forge Version
  • Active mod count, total mod count
  • ModPack - custom value defined in forgeanalytics.cfg allowing modpack creators to identify their packs.

(taken from https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/mercurius )

I personally don't install it, but again it is your choice, to choose not to have it, just untick the box, press OK when you are ready, there will be a progress bar for a few seconds then you will get this message

Now forge is installed you can select it as a profile , do this by clicking on the arrow next to your play button and selecting the profile called forge then click play and let it load up

now on the Minecraft home screen there will be some new text and a new button,

the main thing is the mods button, if you click on it it will show you the mods you have installed to your game. Now you can close down Minecraft and now we can install a mod

Installing a Mod

The mod I am going to install is Journey Map by techbrew, it is a very useful mod and you can find it here https://mods.curse.com/mc-mods/minecraft/journeymap-32274 nowadays lots of Minecraft mods are hosted on curse,but they are all installed the same way

first download the mod by pressing the “Download Now” Button

then wait 3 seconds and it will download

like with forge, if you are a google chrome user you will need to say “keep”

the mod will now be in your downloads folder (if you are very special you can see I have the wrong version of journey map for my forge version)

instead of running it like we did to forge, you will need to navigate to your Minecraft folder to get to the default location open your start menu and type %appdata%

click on the folder it shows to open your roaming folder (I can guarantee yours will not be filled up with as much stuff as mine is, you want to open .minecraft

again because I have run mods in the past yours may look different to mine but the main folders from forge will be there open the file called “mods”

if there is not a folder called mods create a new folder and call it “mods” the folder will be empty

from your downloads folder take mod file (in my case it is journeymap) and drag it into the mods folder

close everything and open up Minecraft and launch with forge to the main menu,to check if the mod is installed click on the “mods” button as you can see journeymap is listed there

I can double check to see of it is working in-game by opening a world and as you can see there is now a mini-map in my game

any questions or queries please ask, i'm sure I'll be able to help, if not I can certainly direct you to places that can

if you are unable to
navigate to your .Minecraft folder for any reason another way to open it is as follows.

Launch Minecraft to the main menu

select “options”

select “resource packs”

select “open resource pack folder”

then when the window opens navigate back to .Minecraft from there

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Update #1 : by Karrfis 05/30/2017 11:34:10 amMay 30th, 2017

Rewrote entire blog for new minecraft launcher/versions

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08/11/2021 6:26 pm
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So I know that google chrome browsers are said to keep it, what about Microsoft users?
08/12/2021 9:04 am
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using the latest version of microsoft edge

Downloads are in the top right

select the ... menu next to the blocked file

press keep

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So I did everything you said but i found out that i had to go back and reinstall a different Forge. I tried updating it in the profile but wont let me. Do you think it matters? If you know how to change it please tell me
12/09/2019 8:08 am
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it does matter mods are coded to run with certain versions of forge (or newer) just install the new version of forge and run that instead, the old version is safe to remove
09/01/2019 9:55 am
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When I went into the mods section I couldn't find my mod why is that? And how can I get it there
09/01/2019 11:09 am
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you download the mod, it goes into your downloads folder, take the mod from your downloads folder and put it in your mods folder. click and drag or copy/cut and paste
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Ooh karrthus is a blogger :D
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