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Minecraft Movie Maker Mod [Minedias Contest]

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If I were to make a Minecraft modification, I would call it the Minecraft Movie Maker Mod.

The point of the mod would be to add features into the game that would make it much easier to make Minecraft videos. So many Minecraft players want to capture their gameplay and share it with the world. Whether they want to capture their epic hardcore survival, make a tutorial on how to do something, make a time laps of a mega build, make a Minecraft movie, or something else, they all need an easy way to do it. I don't know about you, but I don't want to spend money to buy a good screen recorder with no watermark. Having a mod that records is not only a free solution, it can add things to the game that would help you to make Minecraft videos (such as actors or being able to turn off rain). Potential problems with this mod include: it is somewhat complex and would be hard to make initially and then update when a new Minecraft version comes out.


Recording Feature

Feature Info

When you press a certain button, it will menu open up a menu

On the menu, you can choose between five different recording modes:

  • Regular Mode: Records your Minecraft gameplay the exact way you see it.
  • First Person Mode: Records your player from the default first-person view regardless of what you do.
  • Third Person Mode: Records over your shoulder regardless of what you do.
  • Cameraman Mode: Records from an invisible cameraman's point of view. (You can set the position of the camera man.)
  • Friend View: Records from another player or NPC's point of view.

On this menu, you can also set the button that starts (and stops) the recording.

Actors Feature

Feature Info

The actors feature would allow you to add NPC actors in to the game.

You would go in the creative inventory and find a spawning egg that spawned o Actoro mobs

When you spawned the actor, they would appear as a human with the default skin.

If you clicked on them it would open up a menu.

On the menu you could change their;
  • Model

By choosing from a list of models (Human, Creeper, Ocelot, etc.)
  • Skin

By choosing a skin from a location on your computer.
  • Name

By typing in a name.
  • Actions

You could set the actors to do certain actions such as:

· Stay still

· Move head

· Move entire body

· Walk around

· Talk with nearest person

· Mine nearest block

· Mine nearest specific kind of block (i.e. mine nearest wood block)

· Tunnel straight down

· Place a specific block

· Dance

· Fly to

· Fly to

· Explode in X seconds.

· Explode when within X blocks of a specific player

· Run for your life

· Go crazy

· Jump off the nearest cliff more than 5 blocks deep (or does that fall under go crazy)

· and More!
  • Things to avoid: You could choose what things the actor avoids. Do they avoid water, lava, creepers, none of those things, or something else?
  • Items they are holding: you can select an item from a list of items for the actor to hold.
  • Armor they are wearing: you can select the armor for them to wear from a list.
  • Speed: 1=Sneaking Speed, 3=Normal Walking, 5=Sprinting, 10= Hyper Speed!

Expression Changer Feature

Feature Info

You can change the face of a skin in-game. This allows you to change an actor, player, or mob's expression without having to edit the entire skin file and re-upload it just for one shot.

Capes Feature

Feature Info

When you press a certain button, a menu will come up with you and all of your actors. You can upload a cape file for each individual one, or upload one cape for everyone.

It would also be cool if you could place capes on Mobs. I can imagine Creepers, NPC's and sheep wearing capes.

More Settings Feature

Feature Info

You can turn the fallowing things on or off:
  • Show FPS
  • Always day
  • Always night
  • Rain only
  • Snow only
  • Thunderstorm only
  • No downfall
  • Connected Textures
  • Better Shading
  • More sounds
  • Creeper explosions
  • Monsters attacking
  • Flying
  • Fall damage
  • Attack damage
  • All damage
  • Natural mob spawning
  • Command and chat text
  • And More!

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06/04/2013 9:42 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
cococape avatar
Wish this was real
01/16/2013 2:32 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Rhedox avatar
So... Source Film Maker for Minecraft. Love this idea.
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