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This a script i maked it at myself there are 2 more parts but first i want to know if you like it?!the Name is: themonsterpig and the mystics. Themonsterpig flies in his spaceship trough space suddenly he saw on his radar an other ship far away from his posistion so he didn't do something but after 2 second 2 rocket where on there way and they destroyed themonsterpig's engine and he crashed down on a distant planet when he looked to the planet and he can't find anything thats alive even nothing green! Everthing was gray till he saw something strange he saw blue it was WATER... When he went closer he saw it was a waterfall and when he stand near it he saw a cave after the waterfall! Themonsterpig decided to go inside to look. When he was inside het saw two torches and a handle he decided to pull the handle and then a secret door open he walked inside and everything wass green and beautifull! He decides to make here his own house and create a kingdom called mctopia.

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