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Minecraft MW3 Assault drone/ cave investigator

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dodpoo6 avatar dodpoo6
Level 46 : Master Creeper Hugger
Remeber the assault drone on call of duty modern warfare 3?


Well imagine if there was a mod where you can build that drone and investigate and illiminate enemys in a cave. This would be a great mod for hardcore mode as you will not have 2 enter a cave. But you must make a TV (for your house, and is placed on a wall like a painting) a remote and the Assault drone. You need to have the Remote in your hand when you right click the TV (on the wall with the remote in your hand) you can control the drone where ever it is. It has a granade launcher and a machine gun for when you attack enemys or wanna destroy walls. But the Drone does have health and cannot re-heal itself, but it is 2X stronger than you and you can repair it by puting it on a crafting table with another motor here is a recipe of the drone:



[CW][RS][CW] Key:*MG- machine gun
*GL- grenade launcher
*CM- Camera
OB- obsidian
*MT- motor
*CW- Chain wheels
RS- red stone
*- Comes with mod

Conclusion- Reasons why this would make the game better:
  • Hardcore would be much easier
  • You would have something that would take awhile to build 2 do once you have killed the enderdragon
  • You can now explore caves without dieing
  • You can now roam minecraft and search for villages, biome's temples what have you
  • you can now defend your house without creepers waiting for you 2 open your GOD DANM DOOR!
  • You have permission 2 change this a little bit about this mod, and to create or change your own recipe but if you make this mod you have 2 inbox me 1st :D

!!! Note: when i was posting this i had all the recipes but my computer didnt let me post the photo's :( !!!

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12/23/2012 11:42 am
Level 19 : Journeyman Pokemon
0voidwalker avatar
I like your imagination though, this woudn't be Minecraft anymore if this where added. The hyper-modern stuff isn't really Minecraft
12/24/2012 12:47 am
Level 46 : Master Creeper Hugger
dodpoo6 avatar
true dat but i would really like 2 have this as a mod i hate those times when your on hardcore andyou get Poned when you enter a cave so i thought about this.
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