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avatar sonic2kk
Level 24 : Expert Architect
OMG MINECRAFT ON XBOX THIS IS SO FREAKING KOOL I CAN'T WAIT I WON'T. E ABLE TO SLEEP TONIGHT. God, it's hard to Believe that when minecraft for pc was in beta 1.5 ,orang had hinted about Xbox and now it's one day AWAY! Maybe for some of you lackey enough you got a special code to play it early and I am JELOUS! If you are excited too about this, please comment your thoughts. The crafting interface has been completely re-done and it Actully has the feature to punch sheep and get wool. It is ment to be like Minecraft Beta 1.6 and if you look at one of chimneyswift11's videos on it it said in a bubble as the world was loading " J studios said that they MAY have removed herobrine but they are not too sure...." so if herobrines in there, be wary of spooky noises and strange people walking about. And lastly the thing ,and the only thing, that I HATE THE MOST ABOUT MCXBLA is that the world is limited. The whole reason I bought minecraft on the PC was because it didn't end I'm a seance that it had no definite ending where now it does and that the world goes on forever. The developers did say they tried their hardest to make the world as big as they could but I think maybe soon they should update it to make the world sizes a bit bigger. This is my whole take on the minecraft on Xbox thing, let me know what you think in the comments.

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