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This mod was made by Bendonnelly1.

Here is a link to the mod: www.minecraftforum.net/topic/2205709-164forgesmp-ore-spiders-v11-update-about-17/

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The Ore Spiders Mod was a recent entry to the ModJam3 competition. This small mod adds more types of spider to the game for you to enjoy. So why wait to download, you can get it straight away as it is fully updated to the latest patch of Minecraft 1.7.4. This modification is only small but is very compact and doesn't come with any annoying bugs or long downloads!

I’ve got this awesome mod for you which features a variety of deadly spiders. It is called the ore spiders mod. This mod features 10 beautiful spiders, and there is one for each type of ore. As always, a link to this mod will be in the description of this video.

Pay attention to the eyes of the spider. It will help you determine how dangerous they are. Let’s start with the weakest and work our way up.

First we have the redstone spider. It has beautiful orange eyes and has a total of 10 health. He has an attack damage of 1 hearts per hit. Also, it has one of the coolest effects. He sets his enemies on fire. When he dies he will drop redstone.

All spiders will drop something relating to their respective ores when killed, however, they may not drop items all the time.

Next on the list is a Lapis Spider. He has nice blue eyes. I still love the orange but blue looks quiet nice too. He has 9 Hearts of health and an attack damage of 1.25 hearts per hit. He causes mining fatigue for 15 seconds. That’s not so bad. He obviously gives us lapis. You can see the pattern here.

Now we have the Nether Quartz spider which has cold white eyes. Obviously this spider will only spawn in the Nether. It’s health is 10 hearts and the attack damage is 1.5 hearts per hit. He poisons you for 5 seconds so be careful with this one.

This next spider looks very plain and has black eyes. Since its body is black it almost looks as if it does not have any eyes. It’s health is 11 hearts and has a side effect of hunger with a damage of 1.75 hearts. For this reason it can be very deadly if you are far away from a food source. Always keep your melons handy when a coal spider is lurking about.

The iron spider has grey eyes. His health is 15 hearts and does 2.25 hearts of damage per second. He will give you blindness for two seconds so it can be very dangerous. Not much else to say about it.

Onto the emerald spider, which can be quiet resourceful. He has 17.5 hearts of health with a damage of 2.5 hearts per hit. He will inflict weakness and does a massive amount of damage. What I like about it is that it drops precious emeralds which are rare to find in game.

Next we have the ender spider. It is very hard to kill because of it’s ability. With 20 hearts of health and 3.5 hearts per hit of damage, it can be quiet a formidable foe. It is able to teleport and attack you from nowhere, and drops ender pearls. The worst part about this spider is noise it makes. It’s quiet disgusting.

The diamond spider might sound beautiful, but it’s mostly deadly. It has 22.5 hearts of health and does 3 hearts per hit. I find that he has the worst effect of all the other spiders with his ability to give you nausea for 10 seconds. This can make it very disorienting for you. A great way to collect diamond.

Last but not least, the obsidian spider. It has a monstrous 30 hearts of health. It does 3.5 and causes Wither for 5 seconds, which is not reasonable at all. hearts per hit and This spider has a spawn condition, where he can often be found near lava due to nature of obsidian. As such, be very careful. He is actually very rare to encounter, but can definitely pack a punch.

So that pretty much covers all the spiders in this mod.

Let me know which mod you would like me to showcase in the future.

Also, which spider do you like best and why?

Take care guys. See you next time!
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