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Minecraft Origins (Lore) Part 2

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Minecraft Origins Part 2

This is a sequel to <Minecraft Origins Part 1>, a story I posted about a month ago. I suggest reading it first; here's the link-> https://www.planetminecraft.com/blog/minecraft-origins-lore/

Table of Contents

3.Age of Humans

-The time of warriors

-The rule of re-spawning

-Rise of Youtubers and Servers

-The Feared Ones

-The Great Hero

-Enchanting Invented


-The Start

-Fall of Hypixel

-The Creator

-Whiteman’s Journal (1)

-Whiteman’s Journal (2)

-Nether Rising

-Enderworld avenged

-The Minecraft League

-The Last Hope



-Endings are Beginnings

3.Age of Humans

The time of Warriors

When the Enderworld was annexed by Endermen, the Ends were not completely without resistance. While they fought in their homeland, envoys were sent to humans of the Overworld to gather allies. This act continued for a long time, forming a society of Ends and humans in the Overworld. Some of the ones here were the result of mating between the two species, and thus exceptionally strong and unique. Other humans too were trained from an early age, becoming warriors.

But when the End fell and the End Queen began her metamorphosis, the humans left named themselves the Ender Knights and started their quest to revive the End Queen. Under the leadership of king Rendor, they worked as a organization taking over strongholds one by one, seeking the lost seed. A talented minority of them succeeded at taming the Ender Dragons as their own, and rode them into battle. These Ender Knights were recognized for their force and superiority in early ages of history.

The Overworld was not without their own heroes. Bands of fighters began to gather on their own and grew, becoming great clans. Clans were more simple and brutal then the servers of the Modern Age, but far more warlike. These groups of warring humans sought survival, skill and fame. Few of the numerous clans sometimes went down the dark side, luring in hostile mobs or allying with Herobrine’s forces. Each clan sported a different symbol and color, marking their identity to others.

Purple Ender Knights, several human clans, and massive waves of undead striked each other during Ancient Times. Eventually as civilization progressed Ender Knights disappeared to the backround and most clans evolved into cities and servers that easily held off the undead. But these forces were not fully gone, and would be back.

The law of re-spawning

After some time, Notch began to feel the need for an opportunity for humans to get stronger and lasting longer. Wars between clans and dimensions were continuously threatening humans, decreasing their population very fast. An increasing number of humans were refusing to venture outside their shelters and villages, afraid of sudden, irreversible death by mobs. The universe of Minecraft was getting weaker to sustain attacks from its foes, namely the Herobrine. Hence to give humans confidence and pvp experience, Notch newly made the rule of re-spawning. When humans died, they would lose all items in their inventory but be brought back to life at the spot they slept most recently(this was not the case for villains such as Herobrine, since he was no longer considered a human player).This way humans gained a huge advantage of confidence over hostile mobs, and their skill progressed as they dueled each other. But a exceptional few chose to survive without this mighty advantage, purely with their skill-they were granted the Hardcore Mode by Notch which enabled people to not be influenced by the rule if they wished to. Nevertheless, most of humans did not take this path. From this point on the Middle Age of Minecraft began, as humans gathered into highly sophisticated servers rather than warlike clans.

Rise of the Youtubers and Servers

Following the revolution of Mining, humans went high up in the ladder of skills. But few of them were especially good at particular things, and those people began to attract thousands of followers. These humans who lead the vast majority were called Youtubers, being one class above civilians. As time flowed into the Middle Age, famous Youtubers such *insert the names Youtubers you like here* rose in their glory. Alongside these occasions humans gathered to form an even stronger society among them, called servers.

These servers were often formed with a Youtuber as the center. Besides from being a home for thousands of players, servers also had an important function of hosting minigames and game societies. Games like Skywars and Skyblock were held in elaborate systems. Other games too began to develop as servers competed with each other to recruit more players. Hundreds of servers popped up in the Middle Ages, the most famous at the time being Mineplex. Servers hosted popular games and provided communities for lone humans

The Break

But albeit the benefits this steep development of societies brought, some clans were not satisfied with it. They asserted that massive servers and cities altered human spirit in a bad way; humans began to be ignorant towards mining and crafting and lived in an eternally competitive society of minigames and rankings. They also argued that brutal inequality aroused between small and big servers, between rankers and nons. These clans feared the majority of humans would forget how to survive and defend themselves in the real world, rending the entire human population vulnerable to utter defeat in the case of a massive, organized attack.

So a handful of warlike clans, asserting this problem, decided to seclude themselves from the rest of the world. Notch made a huge strip of mountains that separated this minority, made up of five clans and their normal human followers. Their land and tales eventually faded within the minds of normal humans, but they exist in their own realm to this day.

The Feared Ones

Until this time Herobrine operated alone, launching invasions at human societies with his army of mobs. But during the Middle Ages he acquired lieutenants, both much feared among humans.

The first was a outcast named Null, pitch-black with glowing white eyes. They said that he came from nowhere and demolished servers like an unstoppable virus with powers like a demigod. Herobrine heard tales of him and had went to fight him, which resulted in a duel lasting two days. Herobrine won in the end, and he accepted Null to be his right-hand man.

The second was a ghostly white figure with red eyes under his hood. The feared Entity 303 came and went like a phantom, with his irregular Iron Scythe. His psychotic actions earned him the nickname of “New Herobrine”. The rumors of his deeds were legendary and seemed formidable, until he met the real Herobrine. The two exchanged a few attacks, but Entity 303 realized he was no match and voluntarily went under Herobrine.

After some time, a young human came to Herobrine. He had been kicked out of his server because he had tried to let the undead in, which would have lead to the annihilation of the whole server. He wanted to be a necromancer to have revenge, so he had came to Herobrine for guidance. Herobrine accepted him as his henchman and student. The outcast soon became known as Dreadlord, always wearing a purple hood. Dreadlord quickly became a notorious villain of necromancy, causing wave after wave of ferocious undead attacks.

Herobrine, Null, Entity 303, Dreadlord-This group of villians quickly became a symbol of absolute fear among communities.

The Hero

As the Middle Age drew to a close, a villain named the Angel of Death arrived in the Overworld. His head resembled that of a wither skeleton’s, but he had great black wings which enabled him to fly. People assumed he had came from the Nether and that was why he could inflict so much damage on human gatherings. His name spread all over to match the fame of Herobrine, and yet no hero could defeat him. The Overworld seemed to be at the brink of all-out war at the Angel of Death’s frequent attacks, but one day a young man named Hypixel won over the villain. Hypixel had tracked down the Angel of Death and fought him 1vs1, succeeding at capturing the entity after a legendary fight. His fame spread like wildfire after this battle. Hypixel was hailed as one of the best fighters the world has ever seen, as he quickly became a Youtuber. Little later he would eventually set out to build his own server, named Hypixel after himself. It would grow to become the largest server in Minecraft, and also a natural target for Herobrine.

Enchanting Invented

History did not see enchanted tools and weapons until the late Middle Ages. The enchanting system we take for granted today is made by an outstanding entity who was known simply as the Enchanter. Records indicate he was known an exceptional at building algorithms for servers, until he retreated into his underground lab for years for mysterious reasons.

At the day he came out, he held a handful of Journals at his side. These described the principle of enchanting and how to devise the whole set of the enchanting table, slots of lapis and weapons, and a way to use exp to upgrade tools. But Herobrine had known when and how The Enchanter would introduce his findings. The knowledge of how to enchant would benefit humans in copious amounts, leading to a serious handicap for Herobrine.

So the Enchanter at his return was met by a server which was suddenly plagued with concentrated attacks of mobs. The residents were forced to flee, and the journals were lost in the chaos. Struck by despair and disappointment at humans, the Enchanter faded out to live a quiet life of survival.

Stories after that event tell that he wrote another set of journals containing the genius’s unfinished researches with his whereabouts, but they are currently lost to human knowledge. However, the first set of journals was found from the ruins a certain period later, bringing the rules of enchanting to light. Thus enchanting finally became generalized, and The Enchanter was acknowledged widely for his work.


As humans progressed, they uncovered many recipes of crafting one by one. There was no major breakthrough like that of the time of Miner Steve, but the range of items used by humans nearly doubles over the course of time, some of them being one of the most important. The management skills of servers increased, too. Blocks called Command Blocks were handed out directly from Notch into server owner, empowering them to code nearly on the level on the level of Notch in their own worlds. Humans also mastered more precise arts relating to pvp such as ninja/breezily bridging, block hitting, and strafing.

Among these progressions, there were a few notable extraordinary evolutions. Gunpowders, obtained from creepers, contributed in making two special weapons-the TNT and the throwing potion. TNT settled as a major weapon of pvp after on, causing copious damage with its explosion. It was used especially in high-scale fort battles. Throwing potions enabled players to inflict negative effects to mobs and other players, increasing the range of attack options available in a high amount. Snowballs and Eggs were put to use for pushing off opponents in pvp encounters. Crossbows of Pillagers were taken, examined, and copied to suit the human’s needs. Totems of Undying were raided from dead Evokers, who no longer posed as such a serious threat as the ancient days. Side items such as the trident and spectral arrow was invented and used. As the End became not so highly dangerous as before( due to these progressions of pvp), elytras and shulker shells were also exploited. These breakthroughs benefited humanity in unimaginable amounts, raising them up to the level we are today.

The Beacon from no one

On a completely random day, a block never seen before appeared in a certain world. A lone explorer, adventuring in the jungle, found the very first beacon on a top of a simple iron pyramid. Intrigued by the light-emitting block, he went closer and found that it gave the player some buffs, presenting him with serious positive effects. After examining it carefully, he introduced his discovery to the world.

The Beacon was crafted from the ever-rare Wither Star, an item containing great vessels of Whiteman’s last magic. On top of a pyramid of mineral, it would literally make a beacon and produce elaborate buffs to players near. Although no one knew who and where it came from, beacons were quickly generalized. But none of them knew what a important role it would play in the future.

4. Doom

The following is based on an account taken directly from Whiteman’s last journals of the lost fortress to my brother Herobrine. The original version describes a terrible, dystopian way towards Whiteman’s rebirth and Minecraft’s total annihilation. But thanks to our agents this document was able to reach Notch’s hands before its horrendous activation. Of course this just may be because the final end is near, and my brother discarded it on purpose to challenge and mock the human race; I do not know. Nevertheless, once he was aware Notch the worldmaker constructed another potential path of the future of his own. A road to escape terrible fate was embedded deep within the very algorithms of Minecraft, but no one knows the specifics. Now humans have two possible carefully guided fates, and they will either meet one of them or something between the two extremes. But since Notch’s way was a something of a late and hurried reaction, the probability for our survival is very low. Albeit this, my team have analyzed humanity’s chances of victory to our best. The document below is the most positive yet realistic outcome our researchers have found.

We can only hope this fictional destiny will come true.


The start

A certain day in the near future, the number of hostile mobs seen began to decrease in millions. Nighttime no longer brought hordes of zombies, skeletons and spiders. This was a cause of huge celebration across multiple societies, especially the minor ones excluded from big servers and suffered from mob attacks. But all these missing mobs were found converging in the Nether, gathering at a multitude never observed before by a single soul. Dreadlord, now Herobrine’s right-hand entity, had attained mind control over all hostile mobs; not just the undead. Now reigning upon a Nether Throne he was calling all that he could reach to join him. Upon seeing this, humans issued an emergency and bonded under Alex as their leader, forming the temporary Human Alliance. Just a few days later, Dreadlord’s invasion began. Armies of over a thousand servers joined into one against the infinite mob onslaught. It was not full-scale, but threw the Overworld into unprecedented chaos. But the Herobrine was not to be seen. Despite Alex’s consistent suggestions to set him their priority, the server leaders focused mainly on the battle.

Fall of Hypixel

After a few weeks, a there was a minor setback in Dreadlord’s troops. This induced a short peace, in which major server leaders were to go back and check their realm’s safety. But on Hypixel’s return, stashes of TNT hidden in the lobbies immediately went off. These were set while he was away fighting mobs. Among the ruins emerged Herobrine himself. He single-handedly slew all admins and threw the whole server into irrevocable damage. In the chaos Herobrine tracked down Entity 303’s prison; he had been recently captured and imprisoned in Hypixel. But Entity 303 was freed by Herobrine, and the two continued to wreck the server. The two monsters dueled Hypixel himself, which gave just enough time for normal players to escape. Eventually Hypixel was killed, and major command blocks in his inventory were obtained by Herobrine at last.

Hypixel’s sudden and shocking fall had an overwhelming effect on the Human Alliance. The biggest server ever was reduced to ruins in a matter of hours; if Herobrine targeted each of their homes, none would survive. This resulted in a tremendous morale drop, and many fled the battleground. The precise timing of the TNT also proved that Dreadlord and Herobrine’s actions were well coordinated, adding another big disadvantage.

The Creator

But as things tend to be, when it seemed all hope was lost, a hero appeared to save the day. Nobody knew his origins, but after a while no one doubted he was perhaps the most skilled Minecrafter of the age. This sudden entity excelled in almost every field imaginable-redstone, construction, combat, coding, etc. When the Human Alliance was pushed to the brink of collapse, The Creator, as he became known, cracked Dreadlord’s hacks. After months of effort, he had devised a program that went deep down into Minecraft’s codes and destroyed Dreadlord’s venomous alterations. Now the rule applying to hostile mobs were restored to normal.

This completely unexpected move from both sides caused half of the mob army to simultaneously combust. Whole battalions of undead were plunged into total disorder. But there was more. A pre-made redstone contraption went off at the moment of combustion, triggering a wide dispenser system. Waves of fireballs and arrows were shot at the mobs, precisely at the burning undeads. As the result of these projectiles, nearly all of the Zombies, Skeletons, Husks, Strays, Zombie Pigmen and Wither Skeletons in the Overworld were cut down to ashes. A moment of total surprised panic followed, quickly replaced by the Human Alliance’s successful counterattack. The tide had turned; Dreadlord’s Army was finally out of reinforcements and now heavily outnumbered. Dreadlord was forced to command total retreat to his little remaining mobs, and fled deep within the Nether to fight another day.

The Overworld was saved intact, and The Creator was hailed across every society as the “Creator” of morale, hope, victory, luck, and salvation. He became the symbol of the Human Alliance’s spirit.

Whiteman’s Journal (1)

Meanwhile, Herobrine had returned to his lair after destroying Hypixel with Entity 303. He went through stashes of valuable items he had hoarded over the eons, until he found the very center of it; exactly 8 purple command blocks, robbed from various servers. These purple command blocks were repeating command blocks, having the ability to remarkably magnify commands and repeat them forever. These were very rare as they were dangerous, and were handed down directly from Notch to major server leaders who swore they would keep it safe. Yet over the course of history, Herobrine managed to collect eight of these; and now he had stolen the ninth from Hypixel’s inventory. Herobrine finally took all 9 of them in his hands, and a single beacon as well.

Then he with Entity 303 teleported to another world(with an another seed), far from any humans. They went down a cave until he reached a stronghold, warping them into the End. This was the moment Herobrine had been planning ever since Whiteman’s last instructions were shown to him. The Ender Dragon showed herself as soon as the two villians climbed onto the pale End Stones; but she seemed particularly big and intelligent then others. This was the single dragon that held the End Queen within, ever since the ancient days. This was the island where the End Laboratory was built, where the splitting of seeds occurred.

At the sight of Herobrine, the dragon filled with hate and soared low to attack him. But Herobrine constructed a small wall and roof of bedrock just in time, with a small entrance that the Ender Dragon could not enter. There he placed his nine repeating command blocks in a 3*3 formation, and put a beacon on top of it. In those purple blocks Herobrine entered a special, ancient command; the crux of Whiteman’s instructions. This was a secret piece of code that Whiteman set just before his fall as a deity. This command is unknown to all ordinary humans, and will probably stay that way. Right away, the beacon, powered by special command blocks instead of usual minerals, began to activate in a very special way.

Whiteman’s Journal (2)

Whiteman’s energy, as the power of a once godlike deity, has the power to strengthen unstable and evil souls. Ghasts are the last scattered remnants of his anger, and the energy was kept in their tears. Fashioned by these Ghast tears, Ender Crystals empowered the irregular, despicable Ender Dragon.

Then how about the Wither? Withers were made from soul sands, the very place Whiteman’s blasted-to-pieces souls were sent into. Withers contained Whiteman’s energy far more then mere Ghasts did. And their very core-the Nether Star-could store enough powerful energy to revive Whiteman from the ashes. It only needed a series of despicable commands to aid it. But it still needed one of Whiteman’s remaining life force to start from. And what better place to find that other than a Ender Dragon?

These were the main beginning points of Whiteman’s last journal. This was the record Herobrine found in the lost fortress right after the death of Steve, and vowed to activate. But Herobrine, upon putting this into action, realized a few problems.

To begin with, energy from a nether star was far too unstable to use practically. So Herobrine stabilized its power by wrapping it with obsidian and glass, creating the first beacon. At first he tried to use common command blocks for the beacon’s powering, leading it to revive Whiteman. But this was not enough, and the beacon ended up teleporting to nowhere because of its overflowing energy. It was picked up by a human later on, leading to the utilization of beacons.

So Herobrine decided he must get 9 specially powerful repeating command blocks-the minimum number of blocks required to power a beacon. He struck all across all major servers to collect them, and as the result gained notorious fame than ever before. But as time passed, he realized that the majority of normal Ender Dragons did not hold enough energy as before; not enough parts of Whiteman to be revived. The passage of time had weakened the life force inside of dragons. So Herobrine realized there was only one way to revive Whiteman fully; he must power what little is left of Whiteman’s soul inside the lost seed’s Ender Dragon-the one containing the End Queen also. Once powered up, Whiteman’s weak soul would be able to feed on the life force of the End Queen and grow itself.

And Herobrine had gone to do just exactly that, once he got all 9 command blocks. The beacon on top glowed and vibrated from energy, until it shot up a golden-not white-ray to the Enderworld’s purple sky. It was about to magnify Whiteman’s soul inside the Dragon to revival, but something went wrong. A mysterious unseen entity swooped down, and swiftly broke the beacon with a diamond pickaxe.

Nether Rising

A little back in time, let us observe Dreadlord’s actions in the far nether. After his momentary defeat, he gathered his army and marched over to the residences of Piglins. Piglins were a sullen, pessimistic and suspicious tribe of mobs who secluded themselves deep within the trenches of the Netherworld. They were once energetic trade partners friendly to humans, but after most of their kind was zombified into Zombie Pigmen they utterly changed. Yet Dreadlord approached these entities, and persuaded them to fight at his side against humans. Hypnotizing Piglins to enhance their hatred towards humans, he convinced them to be his loyal army after some time. Now masses of Piglins and their beasts, Hoglins, were under Dreadlord’s control.

Dreadlord then gathered all of his forces, awakening the most dangerous mobs to fight. Most of his Overworld army of undead destroyed, he called upon forces of the Nether. Swarms of Ghasts, Blazes, Magma Cubes, and Withers mixed into a tremendous military, reinforced with Overworld mobs such as spiders, slimes and creepers who were left intact. Dreadlord had succeeded at regrouping and strengthening his army. Furious battalions of hostile mobs stood waiting at the Nether, awaiting Herobrine’s call.

Enderworld avenged

Just when Herobrine powered the beacon with command blocks to full potential, a dark green figure swept out of nowhere and swiftly broke the beacon. The golden ray of light stopped, and so did the revival magic. It was Rendor, leader of the forgotten Enderknights. Dozens of these dark green-clothed knights appeared one by one, surrounding Herobrine. Ever since the End Queen was brutally forced into the Ender Dragon and the seeds split, the Enderknights of the Overworld, pupils of the now extinct Ends, had been searching for the one seed where the queen dragon resided. Albeit forgotten and faded over the times, these knights had never completely stopped their work. Their main target was naturally Herobrine, him being the only entity knowing where the lost seed was. Over the passage of time a repeating command block had fallen into the Enderknights’ hands. Knowing that Herobrine was collecting them, they had put a tracking device on it and gave it away on purpose. And now, at this very moment, it had let the knights follow Herobrine right into the lost seed.

The Enderknights prepared well for this moment. While Rendor fought Herobrine and Entity 303 holding the beacon hostage, other knights in pumpkin hats assaulted the Endermen around them, revenging the Ends who became extinct so long ago. Surprised groups of Endermen fell into utter chaos, failing to organize as an army. The End City brutally collapsed during the battle, awakening the Shulkers as well. Some of the knights approached the dragon soaring above; the dragon where what remained of their queen’s soul resided. But albeit their best tries, they were not able to revive her……not just yet.

The Minecraft League

But some time later, Enderknights were forced into a defensive ring as their disadvantages mounted. Herobrine and Entity 303 had analyzed their patterns, becoming more skilled. Endermen were called into battalions by Herobrine, and joined the fight. It looked like a matter of time before the beacon went into Herobrine’s hands.

But one by one, various entities began to appear on the obsidian platform. Rendor and his knights had alerted the Human Alliance of Herobrine’s whereabouts on their arrival, calling thousand of humans to his aid. After a short time of stocking supplies and organizing, the Alliance invaded The End. Led by The Creator and Alex, masses and masses of servers, armies, and lone adventurers traveled to the lost seed’s Enderworld. One of them was Hypixel, having finished his re-spawning and leading his server’s legions. Along with them came the ancient Ardoni clans as well; taking part in Minecraft’s history the first time ever since their break-off. Even a certain number of villagers came, vowing to cure and recover their undead friends. All of them came thorough the stronghold in the lost seed, to help the Enderknights, to prevent Whiteman’s rebirth, to stop Herobrine once and for all. They were named the Minecraft League, an army of good fighting to protect Minecraft.

But the forces of Evil were no minority. Herobrine, with his hacking skills, slit a gaping hole thorough dimensions. From it came Dreadlord and his fearful Nether Army, a insurmountable wave of hostile mobs. Battalions of Piglins and Hoglins, numerous Archropods and Cuboids, and infected zombie villagers with illagers all were there. Enderman&Shulker forces also stood by Herobrine’s side.

Thus the battle began. A chaotic war on a scale never seen before exploded under The End’s purple skies. Humans fought mobs in every space available. Hypixel dueled Entity 303, The Creator fought Dreadlord. In the middle, Alex and Rendor were pitted against Herobrine, aiming for the control of the beacon. Three most ancient entities fought in a way never seen before, in whirlwinds and blurs of swords. It was a fierce battle, but no one knows who would have won, for that instant the beacon suddenly began to glow and act irregularly.


Although it had been broken once, Herobrine’s beacon was already charged to the brim with supernatural power. The Minecraft League was unware of this, and did not suspect that it would cause any troubles while the battle raged on. But that was what precisely what happened-the beacon glowed, fell to the ground and from it erupted a blinding golden ray. For a moment everyone in the battlefield paused to wonder at it. The stream of light curved upwards, and headed straight into the Ender Dragon. Golden light covered the Dragon top to toe, and depleted its healthbar to zero. The Dragon seemed to explode in purple light like the death of any other Ender Dragon, but something was different. Golden rays were mingled with purple lights, and suddenly a pure glowing white substance was ejected out. The remaining part of the Dragon lost light, solidified, and spiraled down to the ground. It was the ancient End Queen, revived after eons. Enderknights rushed to help her up.

Herobrine’s plan had gone somewhat wrong. Instead of powering Whiteman to overcome the End Queen’s energy, the beacon had revived the queen by separating Whiteman’s soul-the pure white substance-out of the body. But it did not go away, and hovered in the air. Suddenly it shot straight into the nearest entity-Herobrine himself. Herobrine convulsed in pain for a handful of seconds. When he lifted his head, his clothes&hair were white and spoke in a different voice. That voice was Whiteman’s; a voice that had existed since the dawn of time. Whiteman had rebirthed by occupying Herobrine.

The last hope

Instant terror broke out in the Minecraft League. Whiteman’s deeds and fame of the Ancient days were beyond notorious, feared by every human. On the other hand, the army of mobs were buffed; being creations of Whiteman with low intelligence, all of them fell organized at his complete control. They began moving coordinated like one giant machine. Being the maker of all lives, Whiteman also held some influence over humans as well. One by one they began to succumb to his control.

It seemed like Minecraft was doomed. Because Whiteman’s current body-Herobrine-was an entity, not a deity, Notch was forbidden to stop his actions by the sacred contract. Whiteman was only biding his time while he was consuming Herobrine’s whole life force. It was only a matter of time until this was done, and then he would be able to reassume his original form and obliterate Minecraft in a flash.

But there was one thing he still feared. Very few noticed it, but when the Ender Dragon got separated, a shimmering portal came into existence right under her. It was the main key of Notch’s algorithm to save Minecraft-the “ending” of Minecraft.

Whiteman quickly sealed the portal with a high obsidian cylinder. But it did not go unseen. The Creator had saw the portal and recognized its importance. He ran to the ruins of the End City, and from it found a single elytra. After donning it on, he started running towards the portal. Whiteman caught him in the corner of his eye, and turned to stop him. But Whiteman got attacked by the End Queen, who had been restored to full health. Alex, Rendor, and other Enderknights protected End Queen from entities under Whiteman’s control. While they bought time, The Creator flew up high, reached the cylinder’s wall, and swiftly broke two blocks with a diamond pickaxe. He succeeded at getting in before Whiteman had the chance to restore it. The Creator free-falled towards the portal, and got sucked in.


The Creator was teleported to another dimension-one that was neither Over, Nether nor End. Everywhere around him was swirling brown darkness, until two figures appeared. They seemed normal, but felt as if they were beings above deities. One was colored light green, the other sky blue. They came to The Creator and conversed to him. They told him stories of his own life, how he survived and how he found shelter. They told him stories of the past, legends of the old and feelings of ancient warriors. They told him the stories of servers, villages, mobs, the tales of every entity. They told him the stories people told to others, the stories and feelings Whiteman wanted to destroy. They told him every story, from Notch’s deeds to every unique block.

Then they told him all these stories were one, interlinked in thousands of ways. They told that these stories made up the universe of Minecraft. The Creator asked who made all these stories; who is the one who crafted the Universe?

Then they answered: “It is us, but it is also you. It is every entity and block in Minecraft. All of us craft the world, contributing some part in it. All things are one.”

The Creator was dazzled beyond words by this. He closed his eyes, and felt his body going back to The End.


When The Creator teleported back, even the last of humans had fallen under Whiteman’s control. At his moment of return, Whiteman flung all kinds of arms and all entities to attack him. He hoped to kill him by surprise. But with a light stamp of his feet, The Creator sent out a shockwave pulsing thorough The End. Weapons were dropped to the ground, and all entities except himself collapsed and lost consciousness. Going through enlightenment, he had attained a near-deity state by realizing the true connections of all things of the world. Whiteman, freaking out, bombarded him with every magic and command he knew. But this evil deity now cared only about destruction, and was no match for a human powered with wisdom. The Creator simply walked up to him, put his hand on Whiteman’s chest and brought out the dying embers of Herobrine’s soul.

In that moment, The Creator conveyed words and stories to Herobrine. He showed him stories of humanity, just like the two being had done. He conveyed the beauty and pureness of human nature. He also conveyed Herobrine’s tragic tale he heard, and how Steve represented pure human nature. Herobrine was shaken deep, and felt remorse and repented for his sins.

With a final burst of energy, Herobrine used up his last parts of life energy and flung his body towards the edge-to the void. Whiteman’s very last soul, locked inside Herobrine’s body, plummeted down The End’s purple chaotic void. This was the only way an invulnerable deity could really die; being casted off the known universe and getting sucked into a primordial and infinite emptiness. Whiteman was completely erased for good, along with Herobrine.

Endings are Beginnings

Peace finally came. All entities of Endermen in the lost seed were killed in the battle, so that particular Enderworld was now inhabited by the End Queen and her followers, The Enderknights. Slowly they increased their numbers, having their wish fulfilled. Piglins were given a general amnesty, and were allowed to live again in the Nether. Great numbers of both humans and hostile mobs were reduced because of the war, but both slowly regained their usual status. Herobrine’s final end was a source of heated debate for many years, but gradually he became known as a symbol of a victim and good triumphing to later generations. He was hailed across lands just like his brother Steve was. The Creator did not do any more active political actions, but remained as a symbolic leader of insurmountable wisdom to humans.

Minecraft became more active and happier as time went on, many diverse societies springing up. There was no guarantee that another evil would come to threaten this universe, but no one doubted that it would be too much for the inhabitants of Minecraft.

The identity of The Creator is not known to this day. It might even be you, or any human you personally know. We do not even know if there will be a Creator; whether he will really appear to save the world and success. But one thing we do know – that we are not doomed, as long as we hold on to hope. Let the universe of Minecraft live on forever.

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01/26/2020 6:15 am
Level 29 : Expert Dragonborn
Arsham81SBA avatar
I'm Interested! Nice!
01/24/2020 8:58 pm
Level 29 : Expert Cowboy
Kazehura avatar
Planet Minecraft


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