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Minecraft Origins (Lore)

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This is a story that I've been working on for a few months, and I wanted to post it somewhere. Plz leave a reply if you think it's okay, I would be really happy :D. I only posted the first half because I thought it would be too long; should I post the rest too?


Part 1

Table of Contents


-The generation

-Rising of Hostility (1)

-Rising of Hostility (2)

-The Duel, the fall, the curse

2.The Legacy of Herobrine

-Mining and Crafting

-Children of Miner Steve

-Forbidden Journey

-Death of Humanity

-Birth of Legends

-The End’s tale

-Splitting of seeds

1. Origin

The generation

In the beginning, Endless Void took up all of the existing spaces. Then The Worldmaker, Notch the creator came into existence. With him came Whiteman, the maker of lives. Notch’s appearance was bald and wore simple brown clothes. Whiteman’s body was pure white, with the only exception of his golden eyes. Together they crafted the known universe known as Minecraft. Notch made the worldscape and structures, items and blocks. He made the plains, deserts, oceans, savanna, forests, caves, hills and all other biomes. He also made minerals of iron, gold, coal, lapis lazuli, redstone, emerald and diamond.

Whiteman cut of half of his soul and shaped it into a white mist. From it he fashioned life itself from it, breathing it into several animals like pigs, cows, chickens, sheep, wolves, ocelots, bees, foxes, guardians, squids, dolphins, villagers, bats, and finally humans. When they died, the mist would come out and disappear. Humans were made, but at this stage they were primitive and without special personalities. They were only a little smarter than villagers, and lived in dull societies.

Then Notch made the Nether and End dimensions. The Netherworld, accessible from the Overworld through a lit portal of an obsidian frame, was a red kingdom of lava filled with peaceful mobs named Piglins and their pet beasts, Hoglins. The Enderworld was a faraway, strange star consisting of pale end stone-made islands in the middle of purple skies. Magical mobs with green eyes called “Ends” inhabited this world. The leader of these Ends were the End queen, a humanlike female with pink hair and green eyes.

So the universe was newly made, but it was not yet with hostile mobs.

Rising of hostility-1

Whiteman, who had only half of his soul left, slowly became unstable under the influence of evil. Notch began to notice this, and as the relationship between the two deities drifted apart he decided to strike first before Whiteman’s darkness fully emerged and launched a surprise attack. Notch bombarded him with hundreds of lightning, but Whiteman escaped with his life intact. Burning with hate towards Notch and his world, Evil consumed him. Whiteman created dangerous lightning of his own and brought it upon humans. The effect was terrible; the Undead has been born. Humans became zombies, skeletons, husks and strays. They roamed the Earth and infected anyone who came across them, multiplying their numbers. Their increase in numbers was also encouraged by Whiteman with spawners deep underground. Villagers hit with lightning became evil witches, the first of the illagers.

Whiteman fled from Notch and hid himself in the deepest of caves, where he split his soul once again and put forth the terrible Arthropods and Cuboids. From spawners deep within the ground Cave Spiders burst, claiming the caves. The ones who ventured outside became normal spiders and terrorized humans along with the undead. And in strange hard stone blocks, silverfish hid and attacked unsuspecting humans who wandered beneath.

As for Cuboids, first he created the Slime. These chaotic green cubes were crudely simple, made for only charging at humans even after they were killed; they would split into smaller slimes and still attack. An another type of cuboid were Creepers, one of the most twisted beings on the world. Creepers were specially engineered by Whiteman to silently ambush players and blow them up in one explosion. They were the accumulation of Whiteman’s fury upon Notch and his creations, his world’s inhabitants.

Rising of Hostility-2

The rogue Whiteman then turned to the sea. Wanting the sea to be in peril as much as anywhere else, he sent humans with squids as guides to ocean monuments on his will, encouraging them to steal prismarine and sea lanterns. The guardians who dwelled there were enraged, and Whiteman guided them to be hostile towards those who supposedly stole from then. From then on guardians attacked humans and squids.

Whiteman could not directly influence humans to do evil things, but villagers who were a little less intelligent found themselves under target. Whiteman, after all, was their creator and had the power to slightly control them. And villagers had just enough intellect to carry out his orders. So a minority of villagers became Evokers, Vindicators, and Pillagers. Evokers practiced sorcery taught to them by Whiteman himself, using ghostly fangs and summoning Vexes; small, impish, evil creatures similar to bats but hostile; to fight players in their forest mansions. With them dwelled Vindicators, murderous axe-men in coats viciously attacking players who wander in. The two mobs were expelled from villages for dark actions to Forest Mansions. Pillagers, however, live as groups in Pillager outposts unlike evokers and vindicators. They raid villages time to time with their deadly crossbows and their savage, oxen-like ravagers; thus they are the most dangerous mobs to Villagers.

These despicable, expelled villagers are called Illagers, consisting fully of Witches, Evokers, Vindicators and Pillagers.

The Duel, The Fall, The Curse

Notch now could not let Whiteman just commit more rogue actions. He took away all his might and powers that of a Deity, taking away his OP. But Whiteman still did not give himself up and fled to the Nether for a final stand. With him he took a handful of slimes and skeletons to guard him, sturdy red bricks to build a fortress, and his sample splash potions of undead virus. Piglins were suddenly confronted with these viruses, and Zombie Pigmen(or Zombified Piglins) suddenly spread among them resulting in defeat after defeat for the Piglin societies and causing them to retreat deep into the Nether’s darker areas. From then on Piglins were hostile to everything. Hence most of the Netherworld was annexed by Zombie Pigmen. Meanwhile, Whiteman built dark, red Nether fortress scattered in the Nether. He built hundreds of identical fortresses along the z axis, delaying Notch to find his location. The slimes he brought evolved into magma cubes, the skeletons into black, tall, sword-wielding Wither Skeletons. All lived within the fortresses guarding Whiteman or pretending to.

But Notch was bound to find Whiteman in the end, and find him he did. In a certain Nether Fortress that is still unknown to this day, Notch and Whiteman dueled once again with lightning, commands, and magic for a terrible and everlasting time. It seemed the battle was never going to end; the two most powerful beings in the universe teared dimensions apart while fighting, the best-known example being the caverns in the Nether. The holes and mazes of space in the Netherworld were made by that battle. But in the end, Notch finally prevailed over Whiteman. What was left of his evil soul exploded into hundreds of white Ghasts who roam the Nether with their angry faces to this day with remnants of Whiteman’s fury.

But Whiteman’s death triggered an another horrendous chain of events. The evil once-deity was planning to lay waste to the End, dead or alive. The explosion of ghasts powered a certain circuit of command blocks that teleported Whiteman’s newly made Endermen into the Enderworld. Endermans were modeled after the Ends, but with purple eyes and a vicious hunger to conquer. Unsuspecting ends began to be massacred by Endermen in thousands, slowly being pushed into extinction. Endermen replaced them as the inhabitants of the End, while the End Queen and her regime were overthrown and was forced into hiding. Endermen wanted to use the magic of the end’s eyes for themselves, and so they succeeded at making the Ender Pearl, pearls with teleportation powers by extracting a material called Blaze Powders from the Eyes of the Ends. Thus Endermans acquired the ability to teleport short distances. They threw the powders into the void, but Notch collected them and made Blaze Rods by fusing two of them together. Then by mixing a dozen of rods with magic he created the Blaze, which are yellow fire mobs. Blazes would harm humans if set in the Overworld and would get harmed by Endermen in the End; hence Notch put them in the fortresses of the Nether.

Notch also got an idea from magic blaze powders; he fashioned the brewing stand from it, which is used to manufacture potions. He also added Nether Warts in the fortresses as an basic ingredient. As an result, humans became more able and strong. Then Notch made a new block, the end portal. If a set of dozen were to be powered by eyes of the End, they would open a gateway from the overworld to the End. Thus humans could now travel to the End to adventure, fight, conquer and loot.

So Whiteman was gone, and so was all the dangers threatening this universe……..or so thought. Rumors then told of Whiteman’s last, daring plan that would be triggered into a long, elaborate series of catastrophes against the worlds. And the starting switch was at his place of death, the lost fortress waiting to be turned on….by who?

2.Legacy of the Herobrine

Mining and Crafting

Humans up to this point, despite being the top mobs of the Overworld, were stupid and weak of knowledge to modern standards. But one man changed all that, and his name was Miner Steve. Until then humans generally used only wood or stone tools, unknowing how to use minerals underground. The relatively lucky and sophisticated ones would perhaps succeed at crafting iron tools, but they were not spread widely. But under the leadership of Miner Steve humans ventured together into the deep caves, building hundreds of mines. They began to make daily uses of coal, iron, gold, redstone, lapis lazuli, emeralds and diamonds. With sturdier minerals they crafted stronger tools. With lapis lazuli they enchanted them to be stronger, and they began trading goods with villagers through emeralds. With redstone they began building contraptions and machines, becoming more and more sophisticated. Their increase in skill and tools lead to discovery and utilization of more items, and the crafting of various complex material. Gifted or hardworking minorities began to show in areas such as redstone contraptions, construction and PVP. And the center of it all were the mines built by Miner Steve, bustling with minecarts and miners. He and his crew built other structures like pyramids, jungle temples, and strongholds. Thus humanity progressed far beyond their original state.

Children of Miner Steve

The famous Miner Steve had three children. The eldest was Herobrine, the second was Steve, and the youngest Alex was the only girl. They family all loved each other, but Herobrine and Steve were especially like twins in appearance, character and feelings.

One day, a grotesque image began too appear in pictures humans crafted. It showed three wither skeleton heads on top of 4 soul sands in a T shape. Efforts to re-create this painting led to a horrible discovery of the monstrous Wither, a three-headed flying black demon shooting fatal Wither heads. This was the result of Whiteman’s life energy seeping into the soul sands of the Nether, combined with the deformed black skulls symbolizing the deeds Whiteman wrought. Humans panicked and societies dispersed. In the end Miner Steve himself succeeding at killing the first ever Wither, but in the process he was struck by a fatal blow and his son Steve was inflicted with a fatal wound-the wither effect that slowly grinded him to death. Steve’s family prayed for him to not die. Notch, knowing of the benefits Miner Steve brought to humans, froze Steve whole so he would not die immediately.

The forbidden Journey

But he still needed a cure, but after the death of his father the mines were abandoned, not making any more money. At this Herobrine instantly went out to sought one. He had heard rumors of a supernatural, peculiar fortress in the Nether. It was the place of Notch and Whiteman’s final duel, and nobody was brave enough to go seeking. Herobrine pursued the place for years, until finally he found the location no one knows. In it two golden eyes lay gleaming – the last thing Whiteman left behind, the final essence of his magic.

Herobrine reached out for the eyes, but was prevented by a invisible barrier no matter how hard he tried. He fell in despair and cast his eyes around for any help….. until he found a hopper right in front of him.

Herobrine understood, he was able to acknowledge Whiteman’s final, cruel joke.

An eye for an eye. Herobrine plucked both of his eyes out himself and threw them in. The barrier opened itself, and Herobrine took the new golden eyes. After a month, he succeeded at fusing the eyes into apples, making the ever first golden apples. These apples, at the time, would ensure abilities of super strength, teleportation, reach, flying, etc. for the eater. Herobrine carried two shining golden apples back to the Overworld.

Death of humanity

But when he returned, he was met by cold attitudes from fellow humans. His new bizzare appearance induced fear and hate from other humans, hence Herobrine was casted away and banished back to his city’s gates even before he could meet his family. In momentarily confusion he dropped his apples in front of his house. Herobrine panicked when he became aware of this, and stole into the house that night to ensure Steve ate the apples. But at that moment Alex, by coincidence, saw an apple lying on the ground and ate it with curiosity. Herobrine thought she had ate both of them, and immediately rushed in to shout at her. Surprised, Alex pushed away Herobrine, but accidently with her temporary strength given by the apple. Herobrine crashed into frozen Steve, who began to slowly unmelt by this sudden force.

Herobrine now thought Alex had took the apples for herself and was now attacking him. The two began to duel with swords drawn out. They fought for hours, and meanwhile Steve was regaining his consciousness. The newly woke Steve saw at once his brother and sister fighting each other, and ran in between them to stop it. At that precise time Herobrine slashed his sword in an arc right in front of him, and Steve got hit. After all of Herobrine’s work, Steve fatefully died from his own attack and the remaining effects of Wither. Only then did Herobrine see the other golden apple lying about in the floor, but it was too late.

Birth of Legends

Herobrine was cascaded into despair, under the onslaught of his guilt at murdering his brother who died on the behalf of his sister. Herobrine snatched up the last golden apple and consumed it, becoming eternally powerful. As he left, he cursed humanity and vowed to wreak havoc upon them for the rest of his life. He secluded himself from society, his image before evaporated. Over the years Herobrine, with his white eyes, became the legendary symbol of discord and terror upon civilization. He randomly attacked human gatherings, societies, and later servers. His name and fame widespread to outshone that of his father’s, and was looked upon as a leader to every villain in the universe. But only very few knew of what Herobrine did right after his flight……a small but significant deed.

Meanwhile, Alex was horrified at what her family had become and went into hiding, too. After decades, when Herobrine was known for his cruelty she was known as a wise fighter who knew all the tales. When the attacks of Herobrine became too dangerous she would come out and help out the protagonists.

Steve came to be known as the first victim of Herobrine and was hailed as a tragic hero across lands. His skin was adopted by many, many people as a sign of respect and mourn.

The End’s tale

Around this time, the genocide in the End was coming to an end. Even the last of bodyguards guarding the End queen fell. Finally Endermen caught her captive, but they found that they were unable to kill her. The End Queen, as a founder of a dimension from the old times, was under a blessing by both Notch and Whiteman, who was good then. The Endermen were unsure what to do with her, until Herobrine arrived in their dimension. This was no easy feat, because in that day strongholds were not yet existent. Yet Herobrine had come, he had come in a mysterious ship of pale yellow and purple. While most people did not know this, Herobrine had returned to Whiteman’s lost fortress once more to find a mysterious book waiting for him. In it were instructions of elaborate, unspeakable evil...which Herobrine had started carrying out by sailing to the dimension of chaos.

The Endermen met Herobrine with caution. He had an idea, he said, that would solve your dilemma and provide Notch’s world a serious problem. The Council of Endermen accepted his offer of working together, and they built a massive laboratory around Herobrine’s ship in an island off the End. the building became known as the End City, a hub of Enderman activities. The actual experiments were based on special runes from Herobrine’s book, which invoked serious ancient magic. As Endermen researched about the life energy of the End Queen, portions of magic energy seeped out. These caused Chorus plants to grow, and purpur blocks to evolve into Shulkers. They also caused Endermites, little purple bugs, to appear by chance at an Enderman teleportation.

But these were only the side effects; Herobrine and the Endermen had a goal to work on. First they brought together the magical eyes of the ends and tears of angry Ghasts. Then Herobrine covered these substances in glass and bound them with ancient runes from Whiteman’s last book. Meanwhile serveral giant pillars were made in the middle of the End, their materials being obsidians Herobrine brought.

Finally, the newly made Ender Crystals described above were set upon the pillars. These Crystals induced a special reaction within the End Queen held captive right in the middle of them. Beams of white runes shot towards her, lifting the End Queen into air and putting a very delicate happening into action. In the end, the experiment transformed the humanoid entity into a huge, black, purple-eyed dragon soaring above. The Ender Dragon had been born.

Splitting of seeds

The Ender Dragon was the result of an elaborate balance between what remained of Whiteman’s mind and the strong body infused with the power and will of the End Queen. Thus, the Dragon at its birth was more powerful than anything, and it had a limitless instinct to hate and destroy. It would have rendered the known universe to ashes, but Notch decided he must interfere.

He activated a massive algorithm which spilt the whole universe into thousands of seeds, miniature worlds. These seeds were separated from each other by boundaries, in all three dimensions and three axes. As the universe split, the Ender Dragon inevitably split, too. One Ender Dragon could not exist in multiple seeds. So only one dragon per End in a single seed existed. This event happened in a way so that most of Whiteman’s part were feeded into numerous, multiple dragons. Thus the separated minds did not serve as an imminent threat. But only a single Dragon contained the End Queen, with only a small part left of Whiteman.

After this event Notch made a stronghold per each seed that would have a portal to the End from the Overworld. As time went exploring humans ventured into the End and killed the mighty Ender Dragons, exactly as Notch intended. But the secret seed where the remains of the End Queen resided remained a mystery to every being.

Could be continued...:p

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Amazing story at this point in minecraft some people tend to believe that the Ender Dragon toke control of humans who came to The End and changed them to endermen. still great story!
01/24/2020 12:25 am
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There's a part 2 now :D
here's the link for it -> https://www.planetminecraft.com/blog/minecraft-origins-lore-part-2/
01/03/2020 9:48 pm
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Very nice!
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nice! work on some spelling errors and grammar like "bombarded him with hundreds of lightning"
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Hey this is good, I can't wait for the next part!
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Thank you :)
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