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avatar dogfan101
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hey pmc! this is my first contest entry and this is my entry.

everyone likes pixel art, right?
so whats better than making it- the easy way!
you simply place the block, and then a box comes up, like the command block.
you can enter the name of your pixel art, and if its going to be 3-D add a #3 before typing it in.
then, the OUTLINE of the pixel art comes up. you can fill it in yourself of type in this: (example pinkie pie)

see? easy as 123!

this item is non-craftable and is only available in creative or creative severs
please note:
this item may cause the game to crash.
please refrain from bad language when typing in pixel art.
sometimes it may not recognize the item/person you are typing in. you can fix this in the settings.
well, thank you for listing to my blog today! see ya!
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