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Minecraft PlayStation 3 Review.

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avatar GamerGeo
Level 20 : Expert Dragonborn
Minecraft PlayStation 3 Review.

Hey there, my name is Geo. Today I will like to discuss one of the newest platforms that now contains a replica of Minecraft. Sony has released Minecraft on three of their consoles, the PS3, PS4 and the Vita.

When I first started to play the first thing that caught my attention was the controls, I don't believe I will ever get used to them after years of playing Minecraft on my PC. So yes, the controls can ruin your gameplay at times but I think if you get used to them you'll be able to play at your normal rate (That is if you were on the PC). If you only just bought Minecraft and this is the first platform you have played it on you might not find it as weird as I do and other players.

The split screen is quite exciting! You can have four player split screen, it's nice and fluent however the only troubles I've currently experienced with this feature is the fact you can see where the over person is. I mean, it can be quite useful if you're trying to find them so you can maybe help them out but if your against them, or doing simple PVP it gets quite annoying because of the fact they can see where you place traps, where your base is, etc... 

Here's an Image I found online of four player split screen.


Extra's -

I haven't experienced much lag, which to me is amazing!
In my opinion, yes this is better than the Xbox 360 Minecraft, only because of the fact this is updated a little more.
Graphic wise it's not much different than the Xbox or Vita, there may be minor differences in things but all around not much. 
It also comes with three texture packs, and multiple choices of skins, not a large variety but it is a nice small feature. 

Thank you for reading! Please leave some feedback in the comments, that is all I ask. I love reading your thoughts, opinions and even advice!

Cya! :)

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