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Minecraft PEMinecraft is a cultural phenomenon that took the world by storm many years ago, and the game has only grown in popularity and size since then. It has experienced multiple updates and additions that make it much more playable, and there is finally a mobile version of the game called Minecraft: Pocket Edition. There's no denying the popularity of mobile games thanks to the prevalence of smartphone platforms, and many different gaming industries are starting to get in on the action. There are even mobile casinos that have started to join the fray in an attempt to find users who are abandoning traditional desktop web-browsing in favor of mobile technology.

Minecraft has always been exceptionally addictive to anyone who has played it, and this mobile version is no different. While it is tons of fun to build massive structures and follow the storyline of the game, there are some features that are only available in the full PC version of the game, but that is understandable. Very few mobile iterations of full games include every tiny detail, and there are actually a few elements in Minecraft: Pocket Edition that are exclusive to that title.

To start, the user interface of Minecraft: Pocket Edition is brilliantly handled to deal with touchscreen platforms. The graphics of the game are literally identical to those on the PC version, so players won't notice any difference in their constructs. Players will notice some absences in the mobile version, including some of the living characters in the game called mobs. In the full game, mobs are affected by the environment just like the player, but the mobile version lacks several of the larger mobs, including horses, wolves, and dragons. Players also don't have the ability to change the visualization of anything like they can in the full game.

Two of the biggest noticeable removals from the full game is the lack of the Nether and the lack of a Hardcore mode. The Nether is an otherworldly plain in the full game that is filled with danger, but it allows the player to move at a much faster rate compared to the Overworld. That is a big loss considering how efficient traveling through the Nether actually is for the player. Hardcore mode is nothing but the game locked to the highest difficulty while the player only has one life. Beyond those slight differences, the mobile version of the game is identical to the full version, and it is just as addictive.
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