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Minecraft Poetry - The Nether

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avatar darksix360
Level 26 : Expert Ninja
10 Blocks of Obsidian
Is all that you need,
A Flint and Steel used
And you may proceed,

To the Nether you go
Down where it is bright,
With the flames and the lava
Netherrack alight,

The Ghasts and the Blazes
Will shoot fireballs,
Watch where you step!
So that you will not fall

The pigmen in packs
And the Magma Cubes here,
They go to attack you
And claim all your gear

Make sure that you mark
The paths you have taken,
Or suffer your fate,
Being fried like bacon

This is another Minecraft poem I wrote, a lot of people seem to like Minecraft Poems so I'm focusing a bit more on these! I hope you enjoyed, thank you for reading, and if you did enjoy, please diamond favorite and subscribe! Thank you!

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