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AndrewMA avatar AndrewMA
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Hello everyone who reads this, i will be posting progress to a new project on bedrock inspired by real-life and imagination. My project is a city built around an above-ground subway system, with realistic locations based on cities abroad, like courts, police stations, etc. At the time that im wrighting this, i would like to say that i have made as far as a central station, 8 planned lines, and 4 lines have been progressed to one station away for the central. Feel free to give me a heads up if you have any advice. The photo if this subject is my map plan, which is not to scale, because each station will be a minimum 600 blocks apart.

My hopes for this new project is to be motivated to finish the subway system by the end of 2022, and make a start on the actual city, i will use anvils as track, per usual. The reason why 2022 is my deadline is because i am busy with school, and transitioning into 9th grade next school year. I will be posting weekly updates on my progress for anyone interested inti seeking if this will work out. Im hoping that i can make expected goals. Now if for something bad to happen, dont worry i will have a copy of the world just in case anything does go wrong.

I plan on this being a single person project due to past experiences and drama. Too many griefers ruined my plans and now i suffer from deciding to do something. It guves me a lot of anxiety and pressure to think about all that.

And only the futuree can decide wether this would become a peice of cake, or a horrible train wreck. See you next week

Sincerely, Andrew

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