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minecraft pvp tips, which enchants go best together and more.....

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avatar excervator
Level 21 : Expert Miner
Ex's pvp tips!

Welcome, many have made threads about pvp, however most of them only have "jump to get a critical hit" tip
that's actually any good whatsoever. So I hope to give you some actual infomation that might just improve your
pvp skills. Especially those of you who camp in a safezone, well no more.

However, I also have compiled a list of good enchantments to have together, or alone to give you a head start.

p.s I can't find how to use bullet points, so I'll just number them.

Pvp tips;

1. Jump up whilst attacking as this will get you critical hits. The downside of this however
is that whilst you are hitting harder, other enemys will gain a further knockback effect
which might hurt should you find yourself impaled on a rock down the bottom of a ravine.

2. Should the server happen to have mcmmo, your best bet it to use an axe, as they deal more damage than a sword, but also destroy armor thus giving you a greater advantage. Especially against people with leather or badly damaged armor. But axes cost more materials to craft and can't legitimately be enchanted to do further damage like a sword.

3. Don't be afraid to use potions. They can really help if you are about to die and could just save you and your brand new armor. Also, armor no longer protects against poison damage so using poison pots against an unsuspecting enemy could also save you, especially when combined with the health pots.

4. Try and use enchanted armor, although you probably won't like to use it during pvp, it could just save your other un-enchanted set of armor which you would've used.

5. Got spare bones, why not take your dogs with you too the playground? Not only will they have you to contend with, they will have man's best friend. Works really well with a high taming level in mcmmo servers.

6. You do not have to start a fight straight away (such as if an enemy is stuck in your hole on faction servers and can't get out) you may even use poison pots and then attack, whilst the enemy is being constantly hurt, on most servers they will not be able to tp(a).

7. Try to eat before you attack, you regain half a heart every 4 seconds, meaning that you may
just survive by half a heart. But be sure to run away after, they'll be sure to come back and try and attack you again.

Enchantments and potions:

Swords: Try and get knockback and fire aspect, as they are flown away by the knockback effect, they will be taking damage from the fire.

Try and use knockback and quickly throw down an instant health potion. +1 if you also use fire aspect.

(Try dropping a surprise instant damage potion on an unsuspecting victim)

Sorry if this is a bit weird or not grammatically correct, it's 3:50 am here and I haven't had much sleep.

07/08/2013 8:14 am
Level 1 : New Toast
Left click. I just summarized every pvp guide in 2 words
07/13/2012 10:49 pm
Level 25 : Expert Dolphin
Thank you so much :D i suck at pvping :/
07/14/2012 9:01 pm
Level 25 : Expert Dolphin
if its cracked and has no lagg
07/14/2012 5:36 pm
Level 21 : Expert Miner
You're welcome, may I recommend a server for you?
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