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minecraft recipe designer updated!

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Recently updated to include all new items. Some old images will no longer work. Sorry for the downtime.

Please note because some people do not seem to get this. This site generates images only, it does not create a mod for you. It's kind of crazy I have to explain this to be honest but I am sick of the emails :)

Got a great idea for a new item that you think notch should add to the game? Using this web tool you can drag and drop your items into the crafting panel just like in the game itself. give your recipe a name, hit the craft button and get an image file generated for you.

Use the provided forum or html code to share your ideas with friends, or on forums. Mod makers can use this tool to easily generate images to show off your recipes.

If you want to post an image here in the comments, you can do it like this: When you've created your recipe image on the designer website, you see 3 fields below the image.n Click on the "url" one, copy it with ctrl+c then when you write a comment on this page, click the "insert image" button and paste with nctrl+v the url in the image field

Here is an example of a designed recipe:


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09/02/2013 3:23 pm
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09/02/2013 3:18 pm
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