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Minecraft Redstone | /title and subtitles

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Minecraft Commands For Command Blocks.
Today we will cover how to create a Title and A Subtitle in a command block.
This is good work adventure maps Beginning. Works on 1.9 (Latest) and 1.9.2 (Latest)
It might work with 1.8 (Not sure) but it works for 1.9 Please Leave a Diamond and a Comment if helped. Please Write commands in comments if i missed something out. Thanks!

Before Starting... If you are on a server please make sure you have command blocks enabled. If Normal (Creative) , make sure you have cheats on.

We will start of by setting our work space up.
1. First Please do /give <player> minecraft:command_block 1
2. Now Please do /title @a times 2 100 100
3. Now we will setup a work space. (Copy This)

4. Now on this First One Please Type /title @a title ["",{"text":"This is a Title"}]
5. It should of come up like this:

6. Now we will do the Subtitle for the other command block.
7. Please Type: /title @a subtitle ["",{"text":"This is a SubTitle"}]
8. This should come up when you pull the switch.

9. To make it have color, Please Type: /title @a title ["",{"text":"This is a Color Title","color":"aqua"}]
10. It will be something like this:

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