Minecraft: Secret of Code (Chapter One)

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It happened during the best of times. All around the world of Gen, everyone was celebrating the defeat of the Ender Dragon. Fireworks lit up the inky black sky at night, parties were held for days on end, and the people of Gen had finally won the war against the armies of the End who now were scattered and confused by the Dragon's defeat.
For a while, peace had finally returned to Gen and it's people.

However, that all changed.

He came from the nowhere, armed with nothing but the clothes on his back and a stick in his hand, glowing with an enchantment. He marched right up to Enthon, Gen's capital that was mostly a stone castle with houses around it. With nothing but hate in his heart and a fire in his eyes, he stood right in front of the King in his own throne hall. The red and blue stained glass created a hue that spread across the room and across the people's faces.
Guards in iron armor were standing around the King as well as the
"You're no longer in control. Get off of that throne right now and be spared."

For a moment there was a piercing silence filling the room, until the King's laughter broke it like a battering ram.

"Boy... We just won a war across the Overworld and the End. I doubt a boy with a stick could take this world from me." His slick smile spread across his face as he leaned back in his throne. But then something unexpected happened. The boy held up the stick pointed right at the King. The guards tensed up while the Boy thought of something in his head.

Command /kill

The King fell from his throne like a rag doll, with his eyes wide open with fear as his body was taken with pain and his throat started to seal shut. Guards quickly surrounded his shaking body, however there was nothing they could do as the King was gone in a puff of mist. All that was left was his crown and sword on the ground.
"What did you do!?" one guard yelled as he charged the boy, sword out and slashing at him. With a spray of sparks and the sound of clashing metal, he hit the boy with no effect.
"Wha-?!" Suddenly the guard as well as all of the others were suddenly set ablaze by fire and tried to put themselves out with no effect. The boy calmly walked to the throne as everyone around him screamed in agony.

More guards ran out armed with bows from adjacent halls and rooms, shooting all they had at the boy. The arrows stopped mid air and snapped back towards the guards, impaling them so hard the arrows went straight through them. The boy still walked right up to the throne.

In a last ditch effort, a single guard atop a balcony that looked over the throne room pulled a lever. The sound of pistons and redstone could be heard as the floor below the boy opened to reveal a pit going twenty blocks down and straight into lava. The guard sighed with relief as he sat down almost drowning in sweat. Then he fell over on his side, dying, as the last thing he saw was the boy hovering in the air above the balcony.

The boy hovered to the throne and sat down, looking at his enchanted stick.

"With this power, I own this world..."

I thought of this story today, so this for now is really a rough draft. Feel free to tell me your thoughts on this story.

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