Minecraft: Secret of the Code (Chapter Three)

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The air was sour and cold, in the unforgiving lands of the Tundra. Towers of ice sprouted from the ground into the side of a huge mountain, forming an ice cave that went downwards for a few dozen blocks. The mountain was the only formation that was significantly huge for miles in this wasteland. And on this mountain stood a lone figure, wearing a dark brown coat that went down all the way to his feet. The figure had the bluest eyes and shaggy brown hair that made him look like he never had a haircut in years.

He sat on top of a stone slab overlooking the flat and long sheets of ice and snow that spread everywhere around the mountain. He shivered and pulled his jacket a little closer to himself.
"Why do I always have to be up here? It's not like there's anything to see." He grumbled to himself before bringing a furnace out of his inventory and placing it right next to himself. He also brought out a single piece of coal.
"Not much, but will at least give me some warmth out here." He shoved the coal into the bottom portion of the furnace and turned it on, casting golden light from it onto the surrounding area.

He sat there for a few more moments rubbing his hands together and savoring the warmth he could scrape from the area around himself, the coal was starting to fade though, so he prepared for the cold to return in full force. Then the mountain shook like it was the end of the world. The thing started to tip to the side so violently that he was nearly thrown off his slab and onto the snowy rocks around him. The figure scrambled back up to his feet, breathing heavily. Suddenly being cold didn't sound too bad compared to being thrown off a mountain.
"Now... I've just got to-"
The mountain started back up again, just as violently. Suddenly he found the ground missing beneath his feet, and his back hitting the ground. But he didn't stay there. Sliding towards the edge of the mountain, he quickly pulled out his pickaxe and slid back over on his stomach. As he could no longer feel his feet on anything, his pickaxe practically dug itself into the ground. Luckily he was stopped, but half of his body was hanging off the side of the mountain. At least the mountain stopped shaking.

After a few tries he managed to get one hand on the rock and heave his body back up to the top, huffing and puffing.
"What was *huff* that!?" He picked himself up and carefully walked across the top and to the back of where he was sitting earlier. There was a hidden stone button on the side of a stone block. He pressed it, and with the sound of pistons a passage opened leading downwards lit with torches. He quickly walked down the passage and entered a large room lined with tree bark and stonebrick. The room was empty and dark, only one torch lighting up the place. He examined the furnaces that lined up one of he walls, they were all dead. luckily, nothing seemed destroyed. their bookshelves were still in the opposite corner, as well as the anvil.
He tossed his jacket to the couch in the corner of the room, revealing his blue shirt and black pants.

There was another passage leading downwards as well, the mine. As he approached the mine, he could hear footsteps of someone running up towards him. He held his hand ready to where he kept his sword in his inventory just in case, when a blonde young man covered in soot came back up and collapsed in front of him on the ground. He knelt down and pulled him back up to his knees.
"Are you alright? What happened?!"
They both stood up, the one covered in soot looked around confused.

"A-Ancroz? Is that you? My vision is blurry after what happened..."

"Yeah, Enzin, it's me. What did you do down there? The mountain practically jumped up and down."

Enzin wiped off some of the soot off of his face. "Ah, about that. I was just working on my mine, our shortage of coal and all, and I found this weird-looking red block. Kinda like granite, but different."

"How does this relate to our home taking flight?" Ancroz asked impatiently.

"Well," Enzin resumed, "I tried mining it, but even my diamond pick did nothing, so I tried some TNT-"

"How much?!"

"Only two!" Enzin said back defensively. "I only put down two just to test it, I took cover a little farther than normal. Glad I did, cus as soon as they blew, next thing I know I'm getting thrown back up my mine from the blast!" Enzin noticed his shoulder was smoking and quickly patted it out.
"Oh I'm fine, by the way, thanks for asking..."

"Sorry, guess I'm just worried." Ancroz replied. "With who's controlling the Gen, I'm always worried about what's going to happen."

Enzin started back towards the mine again. "I know what will cheer you up! Let's go and see what damage we did! After all, there's got to be some good loot behind whatever that block was!"

"Heh, right now I'd kill for some coal. I don't like freezing to death out there." Ancroz brought out his pick again.

Enzin made sure he his green plad jacket was not smoking before going down into the mine with Ancroz. After a long straight descent, they ended up in a large stone room. This was definitely where the explosion was. It looked like the stone was violently torn apart by it. However, in the center of the room untouched, was a single chest. Enzin ran right up to it and almost tore the lid off.
"Oh my! Ancroz! You're not gonna believe this!"

"What? What is it?" He ran right up to the chest as well.

"It's- A piece of paper!!!"

Enzin held it up for him to see. They were both surprised.

"Ugh! You mean I nearly tore apart our home for some stupid paper?!"

"Well, what's on the paper, stupid?"

Enzin scoffed and tried to read it. "I have no idea, it's written in the Galactic Alphabet."

"Well, great." Ancroz replied. "Unless we know someone who works with an enchantment table and can read it, we've just got some bad fanfiction or something..."


GrimmOx suddenly felt something. A Code Note had been found. It was somewhere in the Tundra,but he couldn't tell exactly where...
"Thanks, now I just need to find you..."
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