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avatar SeaKing666
Level 7 : Apprentice Crafter
Well, today I went and viewed a few minecraft servers.

First up is zombienation.thelandofnod.net / Zombie Nation

Very nice administrators as well as players, they have a very nice zombie based theme world map.
How ever it is town based which is also interesting in a zombie apocalypse for people to build new civilizations and re-expand.
Also I like the fact that the town leaders are picky on whom they let in, the fact they just don't let random people join, also I like how this servers not that big, but not that small its a very well built community.

I would recomend this server to those who love survival zombie apocalypses.
I rate this server 10/10

Second up is lype123.dyndns.org / lipe123 server of awsome.

Well, the players say the admins are awesome, but I've noticed there's not admins on at all times which exposes the server to greifers, which I rate this server 3/10

Third up is mc.renmx.com:3 / RenMX Survival

The admins seem'd quiet rude while question's them as if I was joking, asking me if I needed op so they could ban me.
They seemed to have previous users there saying there from PMC and asking for admin, then getting the op and greifing the server.
I've seen quiet a bit of that.
but over all the players seemed decent,.
How ever over all including the site seeing, I would rate the server 5/10

Four up is mc.digitalforgeonline.com / DigitalForgeOnline

When I arrived and told every one I was from planetminecraft, the admin called Luminare started chatting with me.
He told me some good things about the server, very nice and friendly players, after that I talked to one of the other admins named WNxGoldfoxX, she showed me around the spawn area, which I must say has a great use of sand stone! and a very nice look to the outer area, including a very nice tree with a path going around it, great consistency use of materials, very impressive town as well with a great use of endstone
Next we walked to a path leading to the library and coliseum, the library again had good use of endstone looked very detailed inside.
After that we went to the coliseum, very impressive, very large, as we walked inside the pillars gave a dramatic entrance into the coliseum, as I walked in I saw players battling monsters in the pit below, just like a real coliseum, expect you'd be fighting other players. the coliseum is a great place to view if your new to the server.
Next we began to head to the docks where we passed the town center, as we were walking there I saw the big sails from the ships, I liked the imagination put into these ships, very dramatic entrance coming from the town center down to the docks.

As we left the spawn area heading to the player shops noticed a great sue of obsidian and a nether portal.
When we arrived at the player shops i saw quiet a few big buildings which is also impressive because if gives the feeling that your in a city.
On the way out we went on a large structure, and surprising inside was a mall with several shops owned by different players.

After that we went to go see some towns, the first one was called bubblegloop_swamp, on our way out of the main building, I saw a roller coast and couldn't resist the urge to try it out, it was very fun.
The brick house sitting next to it also had my attention with the payout of the base and roofing.

After that we left the town and went to WNxGoldfoxX's town, very very impressive town, the houses were very realistic, lots of detail and effort were put into these houses.
it even had a nice little shop.
Which I would say being my favorite town for the looks and style of it.

Over all the players are very friendly, the admins are extremely nice.

I rate this server 10/10 based on everything I've seen, and the friendly hospitality I've seen from every one.

04/20/2012 5:07 pm
Level 19 : Journeyman Crafter
Hi there!
I am the editor of Www.theserverreview.blogspot.com
We are relatively new and in our first week gained around 500 hits. You seem to take care in your reviews and we are looking for more reviewers. I will expect reviews to be in the formof those on our site no tthis form. I would like you to apply by leaving a comment on the most recent comment with you IGN, experience and a paragraph about you. It must be over 160 words. Hope to see your application soon!

Chimpoid -Editor
04/20/2012 3:21 pm
Level 7 : Apprentice Crafter
Ah, sorry my bad hehe, I fixed it, and you have a great day as well :)
04/20/2012 12:35 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Howdy SeaKing! This is Luminare DFO Manager/Architect. Thank you for coming onto DFO. We were very honored that you enjoyed your visit and liked the server. We hope you will continue to make visits in the future :)

For the record: If you can please make a few edits please :D. Goldfox is actually a girl >.<. And the stuff i used to build the spawn was "endstone" you were seeing and not "sandstone".

Other than that it was a great review. Have a great day :D
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