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Minecraft SKin Tutorial And Equipment!

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Hello, ladies and gentledudes!

Welcome to my first tutorial for creating skins! Now, bare in mind that this is my first tutorial and I will do more if requested, but for now I want to keep this nice and simple.

BUT before we start you, the readers, need the equipment! To create my skins I use the populare software 'MCSkinEdit' which can be found here - www.minecraftforum.net/topic/3796-skinedit-new-version-13-april-alpha-3-pre-7/

And to edit my skins and blend them together a lil' bit I use the highly respected Gimp, found here - www.gimp.org/

Now, lets get this show on the road!

Step 1:
Your colour palette! The colours you use are very important. I prefer to use paler colours to create a more relaxed effect whereas other skinners use bold, bright colours to let them stand out! When you've chosen your tonality and feel for your skin, start to lay down a bottom layer. You want to make sure you cover every area that has the same colour as another at the same time, if that makes sense, so that you can refrain from going back to find the same colour. MCSkinEdit will have all of the body parts displayed with translucent grey boxes and text to state which part it is and you will want to fill them accordingly.

Step 2:
Now you want to lay down some shading! Mainly skinners use a darker colour of that on the parts bottom layer to make the shading seem smoother and less 'In-Your-Face'! Make sure to shade as much as you can, don't cut short 'cause you're bored! It takes time but it'll be worth it.

Step 3:
If you take a quick gander at my skins you'll notice the 'dots' of colour, almost splattered across the characters body. But it makes it look a bit more... Fancy! As if you've spent hours on end making it look effective, whereas really it's a matter of minutes! Just find a lighter shade of your parts bottom layer colour and a slightly darker shade and start splashing it on over the top. Try not to place it in big clumps and blobs, you want to make it so they're scattered across evenly and make sure you can still see the colour of the bottom layer! It looks a bit jagged now, but the next step is what puts the icing on the cake!

Step 4:
Save that file! And give it a name that suits it well. Then close MCSkinEdit and open up Gimp [Or any other image editing software of your choice] Now, this is my favorite part, blending! Pick the tool that is an image of a hand with it's finger pushing down. Then, scale it down to 1x pixel. Then, over all of the scattered spots of shading smudge and blend them together! Make them look realistic and watch as they merge and change so that the colours seem to be fitting together! And then, before you know it, you're done!

Now, you must remember that your technique is something that cannot be changed by a tutorial, I can only guide you on what to do, not how to do it. So work with it yourself, spend some time and experiment! And most of all, have fun!

Thanks for reading,


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