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Minecraft Snapshot 12w40a | Witch Huts, Item Names & More!

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TwentyFourGames avatar TwentyFourGames
Level 42 : Master Toast
Minecraft Snapshot 12w40a

Whats New?

- Minor terrain additions for the witch
- Flatworld configuration now allows you to generate trees, strongholds etc
- A number of new NBT tags for items (intended for custom map makers)
- The pick block action now works on items
- Pressing the 1-9 hotkeys while hovering over an item will put that item into the inventory bar
- The left-click action will no longer open doors, pull levers, push buttons or open t-rapdoors. Use the right mouse button!
- Firespread has been slightly nerfed again to prevent infinitely spreading fires
- More bugfixes & tweaks!

Download Snapshot: http://www.mojang.com/

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10/04/2012 5:20 pm
Level 22 : Expert Taco
DarkElfAlbain avatar
How do you get the LORE part of the name in NBT edit? I got the rest but the LORE/Description??
10/04/2012 7:30 pm
Level 42 : Master Toast
TwentyFourGames avatar
You have to use NBTedit, Google it or you can use this link: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/6661-nbtedit/
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