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Minecraft Snapshot 18w11a | Shipwrecks, The Drowned and Coral Additions

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As we head into another week of the snapshot, the time is creeping closer to finally roll out the red carpet as we again find ourselves continuing to edge closer to the release of 1.13.

This snapshot features the previously mentioned feature, announced at Minecon Earth later last year. Shipwrecks. But nevertheless this week's snapshot is full of surprise additions and changes.

Be sure to make the most of this week's snapshot, as the Java development team take trip to the annual Game Development Conference, which means this will be the last snapshot for a couple of weeks.


One of the shiny new features coming our way in this week's snapshot.
Similar to what you may find in the real world, Shipwrecks will be found in oceans and beaches. Hopefully not too far ashore.

Shipwrecks will also contain one of three varied treasure all depending on the ship.

Drowned - "The Drowned"

A mysterious new hostile mob is also making it's way into this week's snapshot.
This zombie-like mob is said to spawn in oceans and even rivers, featuring a moldy green skin texture with orange-brown clothing.

Drowned mob will spawn naturally but it is confirmed that zombies also have the chance to become "drowned" if they are submerged in water. Drowned are also announced to have the ability to swim and walk through water and are said to spawn equipped with tridents which can be collected after successfully killing one.

Final details on the mob are still unclear but they are undeniably eerie nonetheless.

Coral Fans

It is unclear to the current textures of this new form of coral as it confirmed that it does not naturally spawn as of yet.
In real life coral reefs, coral fans are a finger-like spanning from eight central tentacles.

When added to the game, coral fans will spawn of coral blocks naturally spawning in oceans.

sea fans

- What a colorful addition!

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  • silverbrick
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  • March 16, 2018, 7:20 am
nice can't wait

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