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Minecraft Snapshot 20w16a | Bastion Remnants & Ruined Portals

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Shireen avatar Shireen
Level 71 : Legendary Pokemon

The following things have been added in the new Minecraft 1.16 20w16a snapshot:

Bastion Remnants
* There are 4 types of Bastion remnant types, these include: Bridges, Hoglin Stable, Housing Units and Treasure rooms.
* Bastion Remnants can be found in all Nether biomes except Basalt Deltas.
* Bastion Remnants can be take over by players but Piglins will put up a fight.

Ruined Portals
* Ruined Portals are shattered remains of ancient nether portals...
* They can be found in any overworld and nether biome.
* Some Ruined Portals are hidden underground, under the sea or buried in sand.

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