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Minecraft Story: Mods Part 1

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*NOTE* This is my first story so please give me feedback and support on what I should do better, less whatever you think I should improve

This story is straight from a Minecrafter player's journal inside of Minecraft

Page 1 of Journal

Dear Journal,

It was a regular day in the world of Minecraft. Pigs oinking, Cows mooing, and sheep baaing. I decided to take a walk and gather some resources. I had been using a lot of resources to create my house and so far I have survived threw 10 days and 10 nights after being dropped off in this strange alternate world. My axe was ready in my right hand and I had my pickaxe in my bag. There was a large tree that I would only be able to reach the top by placing blocks under me as I jump and jump and jump. So I gathered dirt from around the tree. After a very long time I had gathered 2 stacks of 64 dirt. "GAH! I SPENT TO MUCH TIME ON COLLECTING!!! ITS ALMOST NIGHT!!!", I said to myself. I had made a fatal mistake and I knew it. I quickly started chopping down the tree from the bottom up. The wood at the bottom was hard to chop because I had a wooden axe but it didn't take to long to chop. As I broke the bottom block I went one block up looking to chop the block above. To my surprise there was a pile of wood in front of me. Looking up into the tree, the whole shaft of wood was gone. "Must be a glitch" I said to myself. Collecting the wood and going home I thought about Minecraft and how there are really no glitches in the game I came up with a conclusion that I live in the matrix and the creators are changing physics.

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