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Minecraft Survival - Quests/Questbook

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Next_Gen_Craft's Avatar Next_Gen_Craft
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Hey guys! Welcome to my I believe first, but best blog yet! I am gonna have a list oif around 15-30 quests. If any of you have ever played MadPack you would notice their/there (Which one) is a book of quests you have to do. That's gonna be kinda what this list is.


       I got this idea from the most recent MadPack 3 beta release.

1. Find wood, and make a full set of tools (Excluding Hoe)
2. Acquire iron and smelt it into iron ingots. (Requires minimum of 16 iron ingots)
3. Find one apple, and find 8 gold ingots and make one or more golden apples (UnEnchanted)
4. Craft a hoe, Find a bone, and start your very first farm of wheat.
5. Go mining and find atleast 3 diamonds, (Make a pickaxe)
6. Use your recently made pickaxe to acquire 10 obsidian (Make a nether portal)
7. Kill a ghast with its own fireball
8. Dig a hole going all the way and down to both bedrocks without lava interfering
9. Acquire 3 wither skulls
10. Spawn in the wither and kill it
11. Use the nether star, to make a beacon and get regeneration 2 on it. Make sure the pyramid under it is made of diamond blocks. (Makes quest super hard)
12. Find the nether dungeon stronghold.
13. Spawn the end portal
14. Defeat the enderdragon and tear down one whole obsidian tower (Smaller towers count)
15. Use a piston or a torch to acquire the ender egg
16. Place the egg ontop of a glowstone block in the middle of your house

You have COMPLETED the whole questbook!

If you actually have completed the book please let me know below!

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