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Minecraft Survival Longplay - Relaxing Castle Build (No Commentary)

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Trazlynn avatar Trazlynn
Level 40 : Master Blob
Hello there, I just released my second longplay video on YouTube. I have fallen down the rabbit hole of constantly watching Minecraft longplays with no commentary when I’m cleaning or trying to fall asleep. I decided since I love them so much, why not make some myself!

Never heard of a Minecraft Longplay before? A Minecraft Longplay is like an asmr video. They have no commentary, just game sounds. They can be hours long, hence the word Longplay! It’s like a relaxing video you have on in the background while you’re doing house work, homework, or just trying to calm down!
I will be uploading a lot more of the in the near future, especially since my mic is broken (staticky) so I can’t do let’s plays!
I hope you enjoy my video. ♥

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